Create a Rock Playlist and We'll Guess Which Mythological Creature You Are

By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: kate_sept2004/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Whether your day is smelling like teen spirit or you've been rocking and rolling through your day, we're here to bring a new perspective into your life. When you start viewing yourself as the mythical creature you are, you will be able to take on the world! All you have to do to find out is make the rock playlist of your dreams. 

From classic rock to bands out there on the stages night after night, rock 'n roll has been around since the 1950s. Kicked off by acts like Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley, the genre has grown to include most any sort of rock you can imagine. You might like newer bands more than some of the legends, but we will give you the chance to build a rock playlist your friends will love as much as you do. 

The use of mythical creatures in rock has been a long-standing tradition. Rock never fails to venture to magical places, so it will be easy to figure out which creature you are by learning about your tastes in rock music. Will you be the mythical creature you think you are, or will we surprise you? Only the gods of rock know for sure! 

Which Nirvana song would start your playlist?

Which Led Zeppelin song would you add?

Which Bon Jovi song gets a slot?

What Poison song makes the cut?

Which AC/DC song makes the cut?

Which Black Sabbath song would you add?

Which of The Rolling Stones' songs would you add?

To which Queen song will you give a spin?

Which Pearl Jam song makes the list?

Which Journey song would you add in the middle?

Which Metallica song would you add to speed things up?

Which Aerosmith song gets a play?

Which Guns 'n Roses song would make your list?

Which song by The Beatles gets a slot on your list?

Which Rush song makes the list?

Which Pink Floyd song would you choose?

Which Soundgarden song makes your list of choices?

Which Jimi Hendrix song goes on your playlist?

Which Fleetwood Mac song gets a slot?

Which Imagine Dragons songs makes your list?

Which Tom Petty song gets to make your list?

Which Neil Young song makes the list?

Which Judas Priest song makes your playlist?

Which Alice Cooper song would you add?

Which Creedence Clearwater Revival song would you add?

Which Deep Purple song would you add?

Which of The Who's songs makes your playlist?

Which Weezer song would you add?

Which Rod Stewart song makes the list?

Which Whitesnake song is a must have?

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