Create a Magical Home and We'll Tell You Which Harry Potter Character You Are!

By Kennita Leon on May 04, 2018

About This Quiz

The wizarding world of Harry Potter introduced us to many magical humans, creatures, and even buildings. If we learned anything from watching what goes on inside of Hogwarts, then we know that magical structures are far from simple. They have changing staircases, impenetrable barriers that allow certain people to go through, talking portraits and more. So we want you to take inspiration from all the magical buildings you've seen or heard of, dream up your very own house and in return, we'll tell you which Harry Potter character you are. 

Will your home end up being like the Weasley's? Warm, homey, cluttered, and a little beat up? The Burrow was an architectural wonder just because it was a mystery how it managed to stay standing with its uneven floors (before it burned down).  Will your home be like Malfoy Manor? A magnificent and elaborate structure that lacked warmth and love and was also Voldemort's headquarters towards the end of the series. Or will your home be like #12 Grimmauld Place? A mixture of mysterious and homey? And will there be a disgruntled house-elf lurking in the corner somewhere?

Whatever you decide to put in your magical home is up to you, but just make sure it represents your style. Are you ready to find out who you are? 

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