Could You Pass the Engine Repair Section of the ASE Exam?

By Steven Symes on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a real whiz when it comes to engine repairs? Could you walk into a professional shop and start diagnosing and fixing engine trouble without any problems? Not everyone's cut out for that kind of work, which has become increasingly technical. You might be an accomplished shade tree mechanic, but today's engines demand far more knowledge!

Modern engines are much more complex than what was powering vehicles 50 years ago. Old hot rodders would gap their spark plugs with a broken butter knife, and that was considered technical back in the day. Today, car engines are controlled by computers, which work with a whole array of sensors to measure everything from air intake temperature to the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gases. This data helps the ECU change the air/fuel mixture for greater efficiency. As a result, cars have become more powerful, consume less fuel, and even run with fewer problems. But all this complexity means when there is something to be fixed on a modern engine, mechanics need far more knowledge than ever. 

To help ensure mechanics are repairing engines correctly, ASE provides an engine repair section in its certification testing. Could you pass the test? Find out now by taking this quiz! 

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