Could You Pass a Firefighter Entrance Exam?

By Torrance Grey on February 18, 2018

About This Quiz

So you want to be a firefighter. Well, there's a lot to learn first. For example, is it considered arson if the property a person burns is his or her own? And what should you do if you arrive at a call and find out that it was a false alarm? Report the caller for wasting your time? Hang around and hint that a cup of coffee would be nice? (If you said "yes" to either of those last two, you might want to hit the books ... hard). 

A lot of people want to be firefighters. There's just an allure to the job: the risk and challenge involved, the camaraderie of the firehouse, the respect of the public at large. But not everyone can make the cut. There's not only a demanding physical exam to prove that you're in top condition, but a written test of your knowledge and judgment as well. 

Ever wondered if you'd make the cut? Just for entertainment purposes, we've created a quiz resembling the one you'd have to take before you could actually put on the turnout gear and slide down the pole. Test your knowledge of one of the civil service's toughest jobs with our quiz!

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