Could You Cook a Three-Course Meal for Gordon Ramsay Without Being Called an “Idiot Sandwich”?

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Gordon Ramsay's shows are instant entertainment. Not only is he an extremely talented chef, he knows just how to insult people's food to garner tons of laughs, not to mention (more than) a few tears. After all, his show isn't called "Hell's Kitchen" for no reason. He pushes cooks and chefs to be their best and to put out the best food. In his mind, there's no point in cooking if you're not going to do that. He isn't only about super gourmet foods either. He can appreciate a very simple dish done very well. But if you can't make a grilled cheese, you might be an idiot sandwich.

Ramsay has even started a Twitter phenomenon where people will tweet him foods they've made and ask him to rate them or roast them. He leans into this persona because it's the character he plays. A three course meal is a surefire way to know if Gordon himself would think you are a good cook. A meal like that can show a lot of technique—and a lot of missteps. You ready? Good! Take this quiz to make a three-course meal and we'll tell you if Gordon Ramsay would call you an "idiot sandwich!"

Let's start with the first course. What are you planning for the appetizer?

Will you use the freshest ingredients?

How big will the portion be?

What kind of plate will you serve the first course on?

When it comes to taste, what are you going for?

For the three courses, what will they actually be?

Are any of your meals deconstructed?

Will all of your courses have similar flavors?

How much time will there be between each course?

Are you suggesting beverages with each course?

Okay, moving onto the second course! Is it the heaviest course of the meal?

What is the main component?

Are you serving any sides with the second course?

Is there a raw component to your entree?

Which beverage would go best with your second course?

Have you ever made this meal before?

Are you confident in your cooking abilities?

How did you choose this meal to make for Gordon Ramsay?

Does a palate cleanser count as a course?

You're almost done with the meal! How are you feeling?

It's dessert time. Are you ready?

Now for the big reveal! What is your dessert?

Did it turn out the way you wanted it to?

Is it a decadent dessert or a lighter one?

Does your dessert require a coffee drink?

Overall, how did the meal go?

What do you think Ramsay would say about it?

In your opinion, which course was the strongest?

How would you react if you did get called an "idiot sandwich"?

Would you make this meal again?

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