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By: Sarah Crozer

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Set in the prime time of rock music, is the classic movie, Almost Famous! It is all based on real life events, stories, and people! How well do you remember these characters and scenes?? Challenge your self and recall the lively moments with this quiz!

What does William’s sister do for a profession?

Anita leaves will at a young age to run away to LA to pursue her dreams and travel!

What did the front of the tour bus say?

“Almost Famous – Tour 73” %0D This changed at the end to “No More Airplanes Tour!” (after their frightful experience)

Who was the director?

The film is semi-autobiographical, as Crowe himself was a teenage writer for Rolling Stone!

What magazine does the main character spend the film writing a story for?

Rolling stone magazine was a huge deal! His article makes it to be the cover story!

Who is the main chracters sister?

Anita is played by the ever so popular Zooey Deschanel!

What is the name of the main character?

Williams character is based on the experiences and life of the director, Cameron Crowe!

What year is William writing the article in?

It takes place in the 70’s! A great decade for music although lots of the heavy rock and roll is tapering off at the time!

What is the name of the editor of Rolling Stones?

Ben Fong-Torres is the editor that hires William. He thinks he is a lot older than reality and instructs Will to go on tour with the band!

After getting in a fight with the band, Russell convinces William to go out for a random night at a ________.

Some young kids recognize Russell and invite him to a house party. He agrees and goes with them where he takes some acid!

At the house party what attention-calling action does Russell do?

One of the iconic moments in Almost Famous is when Russell stands atop a roof, high on drugs, and screams “I am a Golden God!!”

When William’s sister Anita leaves home, what does she leave behind for him?

The record in the scene actually belonged to Crowe, which he saved from his younger years!

What famous director read over Crowe's script?

Steven Spielberg! He read the 172 page script over the weekend and called Crowe immediately to tell him to “direct every word!”

What is the name of the band that Will first meets?

Black Sabbath’s opening band Stillwater arrives, and after he flatters them with critical praise they bring him along. Lead guitarist Russell Hammond takes a liking to him, partly because of William's new friendship with veteran groupie!

What do the groupies refer to themselves as?

They convince Will that they do not sleep with members of the band, but are only there for the music!

Who is William’s rock journalist mentor?

He is played by Philip Seymore Hoffman! Crowe admitted to keeping many souvenirs from his days as a teenage rock journalist, including a T-shirt from the group The Guess Who. When William and Lester Bangs (Hoffman) meet at Sun Cafe, Bangs is wearing Crowe’s own T-shirt!

What is the name of the lead “Band-Aid?”

Penny Lane has a main role in the film and is played by Kate Hudson!

Which member of the band has a fling with Penny Lane?

Russell has the most screen time in the band but the lead singer’s name is Jeff!

Penny is told to leave the tour before the arrival in what state?

Penny isn’t invited to New York because that is where Russell’s girlfriend Leslie will join the band! She doesn’t know that he is cheating on her!

What does Stillwater trade another band in the poker game?

Russell Agrees to bet with the groupies as bargaining chips!

What does Will write about the members of Stillwater in the article?

William leaves to write the article in San Francisco and writes the whole truth about everything he saw. The band is furious!

When Russell calls Penny to ask for forgiveness and to visit, where does she send him?

Russell is tricked into going to William’s family home! Penny pretends it’s her house but sends him there, where Russell decides that he owes William and apology and real interview!

At the hotel in New York, what does Penny do?

She takes Quaalude pills! And way too many at that. Will finds her and calls the doctor right away!

This song was playing and had members of the band singing together on the tour bus after a big fight?

"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John was the song that has the power to bring the group back together. After a long streak of silence, they all end up happily singing along to the song!

Where is the place where the bandmates are fighting and confessing all of their sins to each other?

The band gets on a plane, thanks to the help of a tour manager and the plane gets some extreme turbulence!

The movie was nominated for ______.

However, the movie failed to break even! The budget was $60 Million and it made about $58 million initially!

When they are on a plane and it starts to get turbulence, Russell starts to what?

He sings “Peggy Sue” which is a reference to Buddy Holly, who died in a plane crash while on tour!

Who plays the new tour manager?

The band gets on a plane, thanks to the help of a tour manager and the plane gets some extreme turbulence!

The closing song in the film is what?

Tangerine by Led Zeppelin is played as the tour bus drives away! Crowe thought the song was eloquent in it’s summary of the movie.

In the end, William’s Rolling Stone article gets ___________.

Russell calls back Rolling Stone after denying the facts and tells them that everything is actually true!

Where does Penny Lane book a ticket?

Penny purchases a ticket to Morocco after mentioning it was her lifelong fantasy! She seems like she is in a better head space towards the end of the film!

The scene where penny is in the empty concert all playing with debris is based on who?

Bebe Buell told Crowe about how in real life she twirled in concert debris just like Penny Lane does in movie. “I couldn’t believe how small it looked without anybody in it. It looked like a basketball court. These rooms just come to life and look so huge and vibrant when they’re filled with people!”

Who was Russell Hammond originally to be played by?

Also, Penny Lane was supposed to be blayed by Sarah Polley. She ended up dropping out, but Pitt took months of preparation before deciding to pass on it!

Russel Hammond was the _____________ of the band.

Crowe actually taught Billy Crudup how to play the guitar for this part!

How many songs did the movie feature?

The film featured over 50 songs and the budget was $3.5 million! Most music budgets are less than $1.5 million!

Who was one of the groupie’s that Kate Hudson’s character, Penny Lane was based on?

Hudson read the former groupie Pamela Des Barres’ book I’m With the Band, and interviewed the wives of rock stars. “You look in their eyes and you see a sadness,” Hudson said. “You can tell how much they lived, and how jaded it gets in that world. But, at the same time, they knew what they were getting themselves into.”

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