Choose "This Or That" And We'll Tell You If You Follow Your Brain or Your Heart

By Teresa M. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Black or white? Fries or onion rings? Diamonds or pearls? Life is simply full of "this or that" style choices. We make them all day without giving it much thought. During this quiz, we want you to focus on the "this or that" choice that you find most appealing. After we carefully weigh your choices, we will be able to tell if you follow your heart or you follow your brain. 

We're not saying it's impossible to follow both your heart and your brain, but most people find that one dominates more than the other. While some folks are able to remain logical during emotional situations, some merely think they do, and are in fact highly emotionally-led. Others are more apt to let their hearts lead. As we go through the "this or that" questions, we'll try to get to know you on a personal level. Once we feel we have enough information to make a decision, we will let you know your results and you can share them with the world!

Play along with our game of "this or that" and we'll let you know if you follow your heart or you listen to your mind. This will be fun!

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