Choose Some Beyoncé Songs and We'll Guess If Your Crush Likes You Back

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Is your crush distracting you from your everything you need to do? Not knowing if a crush likes you back or not is enough to drive a perfectly sane person around the bend! We're here to put you out of your misery. After you tell us which Beyoncé song you like most, we'll be able to let you know for sure. 

Beyoncé is a woman who knows what she wants when it comes to music and when it comes to life. If you're crushing hard on someone and you don't know whether to move forward or not, the perfect place to look for advice is in the lyrics of Queen Bey herself! As you choose a Beyoncé song for every occasion, we'll get a good sense of how you're subconsciously reading your crush's signals. Does your beloved know you're on the radar, or have you been too stealthy about it? 

Crank up your copy of "Lemonade," and we'll help you figure out what to do next. Should you find a new crush, or should you walk up and offer a kiss to the one you currently have? Only Beyoncé knows for sure! Let her songs tell you your next move! 

Which Destiny's Child song reminds you of your crush?

How many times have you watched "Lemonade?"

Which Beyoncé album makes you want to dance?

How has Beyoncé inspired you the most?

Who would you take to a Beyoncé concert with you?

Which Beyoncé song would you like to have played at your wedding?

Can you dance like Beyoncé?

Which song reminds your most of your mom?

What do you like most about the song "Single Ladies?"

What does Beyoncé mean in the song "Pretty Hurts?"

How much of a diva are you?

Which Beyoncé hairstyle would you like to try?

Which Beyoncé lyric speaks to you right now?

How do you feel when you see your crush?

How did you feel about Beyoncé's photo with her twins?

Who would you like to hear Beyoncé do a duet with?

Can you sing as well as Beyoncé?

Which singer do you like almost as much as Beyoncé?

Are you excited about the new album Beyoncé and Jay-Z are making together?

Do you think Beyoncé has improved with age?

Which Beyoncé song makes your feel most empowered?

Where do you usually listen to Beyoncé?

What do you think Beyoncé should name her next child?

Have you ever known a "Beautiful Liar?"

Has love ever made you feel drunk?

Do you think Beyoncé or Taylor Swift is a better breakup songwriter?

Do you know your crush well enough to think they are "Irreplaceable?"

What do you think is Beyoncé's most beautiful feature?

Do you think your crush knows that you like them?

How would you react to meeting Beyoncé?

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