Can You Tell What Movie This Car Chase Is From?

By Robin Tyler on August 14, 2018

About This Quiz

We all love a good action movie, don't we? Just sit yourself down for an hour and a half, on average, and get drawn into the guns, fist fights and, of course, the car chases.

There simply is nothing like a good car chase in a Hollywood blockbuster is there? And there is a stable of movies around the world, not only Hollywood productions.

But did you know that the first car chase scene to appear in a movie was actually filmed during the silent movie era?  It was as far back as 1903 in the movie, "Runaway Match." It was directed by Alfred Collins. Of course, many more were to follow in the '60s and '70s. Car chase scenes in movies were a dime a dozen! 

Of course, setting up these scenes requires road closures, stunt drivers and plenty of time to shoot them. Although, on one occasion, a brave director filmed his car chase scene on the streets of New York without informing ANYONE! Talk about total realism.

So now, the purpose of this quiz is to see if you can identify the movie from an image of the car chase scene in it! Take your time and see how well you do.

Good luck!

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