Can You Tell if This City Is a State Capital or Not?

By Stella Alexander on May 21, 2018

About This Quiz

New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia. These are the five biggest cities in the United States. How many of them are a state capital? While many like to believe that the largest cities usually account for a capital, this is not always true! From Austin to Miami, can you tell if this city is  a state capital or not?

When it comes to capitals, you'll find that most people tend to believe that the largest city is its capital. While this is sometimes true, you'll find the belief starts all the way up with countries. In the Eurasian country of Turkey, many believe its capital to be its largest city, Istanbul, when Turkey's capital is actually Ankara. Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city, but many people believe its capital to be its most popular city, Rio de Janeiro. Its capital is actually Brasilia. While this belief in the relationship between a country's largest city and its capital doesn't work for these countries, it does work in places like France and Japan.

You'll find this same ambiguity in the United States. While you might believe a state's capital is its largest city, think again! With cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston in Texas, which of these cities is actually Texas's state capital? Can you figure it out? Take this quiz and let's find out!

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