Can You Tackle This Fun NFL Geography Quiz?

By Heather Cahill on July 11, 2018

About This Quiz

You know your NFL teams, and you know your geography, now put it all together to ace this quiz! Teams in the NFL take on the names of many major cities around the country, but many of them don't actually play in the places they're named after. The cities that they do play in have many features or facts that they are known for, so brush up on them all to ace this quiz!

Can you name the team that plays in the city where you would find the Friendship Fountain? What about the team that plays in the hometown of the author of "Gone With the Wind"? How about the team that plays in the home of the Space Needle? Know your landmarks, fun facts and other notable things about US cities!

Do you know who plays in "Cigar City"? What about the team that's home to a floating post office? Those may be easy, but what about the team that plays in the city that celebrates Mardi Gras? Maybe the team names can give you a hint!

So if you think you're pretty knowledgeable in both sports and geography, you'll have no problems with this. Take the quiz and see if you can score a touchdown in every city that's home to an NFL team!

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