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It's the timeless Disney classic of the perfect nanny, Mary Poppins, who can solve any problem with magic and care. With the help of Bert the chimney sweep, she shapes up the Banks family with songs and a new way of looking at things. Take the quiz to see what you remember about this classic Disney film.

Who played the role of Mary Poppins?

Julie Andrews has enjoyed a long career as an actress and singer. She won an Academy Award for her work in Mary Poppins.


Which actor played Bert?

Dick Van Dyke is well-known as a singer, dancer, comedian, and actor. Van Dyke has won five Emmy awards.


Mrs. Banks is introduced wearing a sash. What does it say?

The story is set during the suffragette movement, in which Mrs. Banks is a zealous participant. She sings the song, "Sister Suffragette."


In the Banks household, when everyone takes their posts, what are they doing?

The admiral blasts his cannon at specific times during the day. It shakes the house so much, it topples furniture and items from shelves.


For what is Admiral Boom known?

He and his assistant shoot off a cannon to mark time for people. His rooftop resembles the deck of a ship.


What is the first game Mary plays with the children?

The children use magic to clean up the nursery. They snap their fingers and the toys put themselves away.


When the Constable brings the children home, what do they have with them?

They attempted to fly a kite but it was damaged. Mr. Banks is not pleased that they ran off.


How do Mary, Bert, and the children get to their first destination in the countryside?

Bert (Jack of all trades) has created chalk drawings on the sidewalk. He encourages Mary to use her magic when no one is looking.


When they're in the chalk drawing, what kind of animals act as waiters to Mary and Bert?

Dick Van Dyke, who dances in this scene and others, is slated to appear in the 2018 sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.


What kind of animal is Mary riding when she wins the derby in the chalk drawing?

The animated portions of the movies were filmed with prop actors standing in for the animals so the primary actors would know where to look.


Uncle Albert has a contagious illness. What does it make him do?

Mary, Bert, and the children end up floating to the ceiling. They try to help Uncle Albert think of sad things to bring him down. But it's no easy task!


What is the name of the dog with which Mary speaks?

Andrew belongs to Miss Lark, who appears as a spectator at Bert's street performances early in the movie. The dog tells Mary about Uncle Albert's woes.


Where does Mary convince Mr. Banks to take his children?

Mary wants Mr. Banks to spend some time with his children, even if it's at his job. She makes him believe he made the suggestion.


What is inside the snowglobe Mary shows the children?

Mary tells Jane and Michael that the bird woman sells food for the birds on the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral.


Bert (Dick VanDyke) dances in a well-known scene with what type of characters?

"Step in Time" is the dance number performed with the chimney sweeps. Disney allowed it to be much longer than planned because it was so well done.


Dick Van Dyke plays two characters. One is Bert. Who is the other?

Mr. Dawes Sr. runs the bank. He is very stingy and greedy. He tries to take Michael's money from him.


How much money do the children have to invest at the bank?

This is, coincidentally, the same amount the bird woman charged for bird seed.


When Bert brings the children home from the bank, who ends up taking care of them?

It's Mary Poppins' day off and Mrs. Banks has to lead a song with her suffragettes. Bert shows the children the chimney sweep life.


When does one use the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?

The children say this to their father. Mr. Banks is frustrated over everyone in the household being so cheerful and singing the word.


Which is NOT a punchline to silly jokes told at Uncle Albert's?

Mary gets frustrated with Bert and Uncle Albert, who continue to tell jokes as they float on the ceiling.


What prompts the chaos at the bank?

There is a rush among investors who want their money. The bank stops all payments.


What does Mr. Banks tell Mr. Dawes at the bank?

Banks also tells a joke. Later he learns Mr. Dawes found it so funny, that he died laughing ... literally.


What does Mr. Banks do with Michael's tuppence?

Mr, Banks changes his views on spending too much time at work. He repairs the kite so he can fly it with his children.


When Mr. Banks gets home from being fired, what song is he singing?

Bert told Banks a spoonful of sugar was good to take every day. He gets Banks to rethink his views on work.


Mr. Dawes references the last time there was a run on the bank. When was it?

Dawes Jr. references history, citing it's been a long time since there has been a run on the bank. Dawes pokes a hole in Mr. Banks' hat and fires him.


For what does Disney use animatronics in the movie?

Julie Andrews (who played Mary) had to be careful of the wires that were up her sleeve while operating the bird. Animatronics were used extensively throughout the Magic Kingdom and Disney World in moving exhibits and interactive experiences.


Who waves goodbye to Mary Poppins as she floats away?

He tells her not to stay away too long. Andrew, the dog, also saw her float away.


Mrs. Banks plans on going to Downing Street to do what?

Mrs. Banks is very active in the suffragette movement. She asks for spoiled eggs to be packed for her day.


Julie Andrews, who played Poppins, was hoping for a role in another movie before she was offered the Disney role. What movie was it?

Audrey Hepburn won the role for "My Fair Lady." Julie Andrews, however, beat her out for Best Actress honors at the 1965 Academy Awards.


How many years did Walt Disney have to wait to obtain the rights to "Mary Poppins?"

Author P. L. Travers was very picky and stubborn about releasing the rights. In 2013, a movie was made about her relationship with Walt Disney. "Saving Mr. Banks" starred Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson.


Which song from the film was a favorite of Walt Disney's?

Disney had the composers play that song often. He liked to hear it at the end of the day.


In what was Julie Andrews performing when Walt Disney decided she must be cast as Mary Poppins?

Andrews was performing with Richard Burton. "Mary Poppins" was her feature film debut.


Many celebrities attended the "Mary Poppins" premiere. What Disney characters escorted Walt Disney on the red carpet?

All of the mentioned characters were in attendance. Fireworks were also featured at the premiere.


Which actor was afraid of heights when it came to the flying scenes?

People on the set paid Garber a dime every time he went up in the air.


In the beginning, where is a "storm brewing?"

This is the Banks' residence. They experience turmoil when their nanny quits.


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