Can You Solve These Super Simple Math Story Problems?

By Stella Alexander on March 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Billy found six shells on Friday. On Saturday, he found four more. How many shells does Billy have? If you're answering ten, you're ready to master this quiz! Seeing 6 + 4 might be easier, but we're here to see if you can solve these super simple math story problems.

When you begin your math education, you start off with the basics of addition and then move onto subtraction. Your education soon includes multiplication, division, and exponents. Once you master the basics of "one plus one equals two," you're soon thrown into the world of story or word problems. Why?

Most people think that math problems are difficult enough, so adding in a story often confuses or disguises the point. This is because it is meant to test your critical thinking! Teachers use it to test whether you can solve a problem without blatantly being given the information. Can you?

If we told you Sally's parents gave her $10 every week for a month, could you calculate how much money she has at the end of the month? If Mike finds a dozen apples and gives half to his sister, do you know how many apples he has left for himself?

Math is difficult for some people, but not always! Can you solve these super simple math story problems? Let's find out!

Put those calculators away!

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