Can You Quickly Solve for 'X' in These Simple Equations?

By Stella Alexander on April 23, 2018

About This Quiz

X marks the spot! When it comes to buried treasure, this is usually true, but this is always true when it comes to algebra! When it comes to these simple equations, can you quickly solve for "x?"

When you begin school, everyone starts off with the basic information. You first need to learn your numbers before you can apply them to anything. The basics begin with being proud to learn that 1 + 1 = 2. Once you mastered addition, you probably moved on to two- and three-digit numbers. Your math education soon grew to learning about subtraction, multiplication, and division. As you and your math knowledge grew, you probably learned about parentheses, exponents, and the order of operations. After learning about proper and improper fractions, as well as mixed numbers, you were able to finally move on to your first math subject - algebra! 

As far as math subjects go, algebra is often considered the simplest form before subjects like geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Algebra mostly deals with variables that you are told to solve in a given equation. While you might see other variables like a, b, c or y, "x" is usually the most common. Can you solve for "x" in these simple equations?

You'll be asked questions like "Solve for X when: 2x + 16 = -4." If you can solve this simple equation, you're definitely ready for this quiz! Put away those calculators and gear up your brain! Let's go!

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