Can You Pick the Right "A" Animal for Each Question?

By Torrance Grey on May 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Sure, as a kid you were probably asked to name animals that started with "a" (and other letters). How many did you think of back then? Sure, there's the alligator, the armadillo, the ant and the lovable aardvark. Not to mention the ... um, the  ... It gets difficult pretty quick, doesn't it?

Don't worry -- we're not going to make you rattle off a list. Instead, we'll give you a clue, and you pick the right "A" animal from a choice of four. Sounds easy, right? Trust us, it might get difficult. For example, do you know the difference between an African penguin and an auk? Or which "a" animal is also known as the Mexican salamander and the Mexican walking fish? 

Our quiz encompasses creatures from all seven continents (it helps that we're including several animals whose name begins with "Arctic," like the Arctic fox and Arctic hare) and all kinds of habitats. Some are commonly known, but others are quite rare -- and, sadly, endangered. And just for you dog lovers, we've got a short "man's best friend" round, in which you can show off how well you know the Affenpinscher from the Airedale. 

Are you ready, animal lovers? We're crossing our fingers that you'll get an "A" on our quiz!

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