Could You Still Pass Your High School Biology Class?

By J.P. Naomi on June 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Think back to high school and your biology class. How did it affect you? Did you end up in a career in science? Or did you immediately (and happily) forget the periodic table, never to see it again for the rest of your life?  Okay, maybe not everything you learned in high school was relevant to your current life, (like memorizing a Shakespearean sonnet) but what you learned in biology is still important today. From the alarming reduction of bees leading to an increase in food prices, to DNA testing for medical history, biology deals with the everyday world around you.

And now you can go back in time and take that high school class again with a simple, 15-question quiz. You'll recall the process for photosynthesis, the functions of the parts of the body, blood types and more. You'll also be asked about cells and their various functions. Whether you had a passion for science or only paid attention when you had to, you'll enjoy realizing how much you retained from that class. The best part of all ... no dissection required. Now it's time to recall what you learned "back in the day" with this quick quiz. Take it now and pass with flying colors. 

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