Can You Pass This Fast Food "True Or False" Quiz?

By Stella Alexander on May 10, 2018

About This Quiz

You can't always "have it your way," but when you go to a fast food restaurant, you usually can! While many people still prefer to dine at a fine restaurant with 3-5 courses, you'll find that millions and millions of people want the option of a quick meal. Sometimes this doesn't even require them to exit their car! From the thousands of fast food locations, one would find around the United States and even around the world, do you know enough to pass this "True or False" quiz?

Fast food was a concept that was created in the early 1920s. What started off as one restaurant would grow into a multibillion-dollar fast food industry. As the chains grew, you could see them focus on the hamburger, but as the time passed, other foods came to the spotlight. Fast food restaurants chose to have chicken, tacos or pizza at the center of their menus. They developed mascots, slogans and kid's options to appeal to the masses. After growing within the United States, many of them were able to grow internationally. From some of the biggest fast food restaurants like McDonald's and Burger King to Subway and even Starbucks, do you know what's true and what's false about the fast food industry? Let's find out if you can "have it your way" after this quiz!

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