Can You Pass This European Geography Spelling Test?

By Jouviane Alexandre on February 14, 2018

About This Quiz

Lisban, Lisben, Lisbin, Lisbon, Lisbun? When it comes to this quiz, it might seem as if we're just trading vowels, but in the real world, spelling could get you into trouble! In this case, you'd probably still end up in Lisbon, Portugal, but that might not always be the case!

With all of the cities and countries in the world, the switch of one letter or sound could leave you traveling to the wrong part of the world. If you're booking a flight to the California Bay Area, you'd better be sure your flight to Oakland isn't replaced with an additional 15-23 hours on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand. You could be planning to travel to Granada, Spain, for the historic Alhambra, but a quick vowel change could leave you relaxing on a tropical Caribbean island.

Paris, Texas, to Paris, France, and Moscow, Kansas, to Moscow, Russia, many cities share a name, but can you nail down the spelling of the most common and obscure European locations? From the capital of Iceland to the countries that border Russia, let's see if you can map out the proper spelling for this European geography spelling test? The results could determine the location of your next vacation!

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