Can You Pass the Trickiest IQ Quiz on the Internet?

By Zoe Samuel on May 03, 2018

About This Quiz

Intelligence quotient (IQ) is not the only measure of how smart you are you. It doesn't test for street smarts, empathy, people skills, and other measures of a person's capacity. However, it is a very good measure of a single characteristic, which might be best defined as raw computing power. IQ looks at how good you are at recognizing numeric and verbal patterns.

The average IQ is around 100, and genius level kicks in around 140. The top 1 percent of IQ kicks in at 137. The top talent and most successful people in any given group generally don't hail from this group, though. Instead, it is most commonly drawn from the top 20 percent, with other factors, like being good with people, showing up on time, and being nice to have around are equally relevant.

Some people believe that IQ is static, but it grows in childhood. It can be affected by genetics, sure, but it's also about nutrition and certain areas of health. IQ can also be boosted by straight-up studying, and though it's not clear by how much it can be moved, it's certainly true that studying patterns enable a person to better see them moving forward. So let's do a little study now and find out how yours relates to the median!

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