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What does it mean when your furry friend stares at you? There's a lot to know about a cat's body language and behavior. Think you know all about cats? Take the quiz to find out!

What do cats do to keep their nails healthy?

Cats scratch to keep their nails healthy. Trimming your cat's nails is a good way to keep their claws under control. Cats love to use their nails to scratch up a cat pole!


Where does a cat go to use the restroom?

Cats use the washroom in their litter box. It's best to place their litter box in a secluded and quiet area and leave it there. Cats feel comfortable when they know exactly where they can go.


What noise would a cat make to get your attention?

A cat would meow to get your attention. A cat's meow can mean a few things, such as a 'hello' to you. A meow is also how cats communicate with their mothers.


If a cat goes through a prolonged period of frustration, what can happen?

If a cat goes through a long period of anger or frustration, it can become depressed. Cats can also become depressed from other factors such as major changes in their day to day lives.


Is it true or false that cats are nocturnal?

This is false. House cats are actually categorized as being crepuscular. This means that they are both awake during the daytime and the nighttime.


What would a cat do to tell you that it is angry?

A cat would hiss to let you know that it is angry. When it hisses, it is best to leave the cat alone so that it can relax. If you don't, the cat's anger may escalate.


What does a cat do to show you that it is happy?

When a cat is happy, it will purr. This often happens when you pet a cat and it is feeling relaxed and enjoying the love. On the other hand, purring can also mean that the cat is stressed.


Is it true or false that surroundings can stress out a cat?

This is true. Many things can stress out a cat including anything that it feels may be dangerous. This is also true for changes in the cats life such as a move of the litterbox or something new appearing in your home.


When the tail of a cat is straight up, what does it indicate?

If the tail of a cat is sticking straight up, it means that your cat is happy. A cat's tail can tell a person many things, but in this case, it's a good one.


Which of the following does a cat need to do to be happy?

A cat needs to play to be happy. A happy cat needs a few other things in addition to play as well, such as food, water, a clean litter box and lots and lots of love.


Is it true or false that a temporarily hyper cat is normal?

This is true. If your cat gets short bursts of energy every now and then, it is likely that it is just blowing off steam. The cat may go running up and down hallways to get rid of their extra energy.


When their ears are pointed forward, how does a cat feel?

When a cat's ears are pointed forward, it means that a cat is relaxed. This is a good sign and indicates that your cat is happy rather than if your cat's ears are back, which means that they are angry or scared.


Which sound can indicate that a cat is angry?

A growl can indicate that a cat is angry. Similar to when a cat hisses, you should leave your cat be until it can settle down. Your cat will start to feel better after it relaxes.


What will a cat do to show that it is comfortable?

A cat will typically stretch when it is feeling comfortable. This is a good sign, and it is healthy for a cat to do. A good stretch also helps a cat to get themselves moving again after a nice, long nap in the sun.


Is it true or false that cats like to hide in low places?

This is false, cats actually prefer to hide in high places. The higher they are, the safer they feel. They are natural born climbers so they can get up high fairly quickly.


What is it called when a cat rubs itself on objects or people?

This is called marking. Cats have glands that they use to mark their territory by rubbing them on people or things around the house. There are a few other ways they mark as well, such as urinating and scratching.


What will a cat do with its tail when playing?

When a cat is playing, it will move it's tail back and forth. It's a slower movement than a wag of the tail. Cats love to do this when they are about to pounce on an object.


Which event can make a cat stressed?

A new addition can make a cat stressed. The new addition could be anything from another cat to a newborn baby. Cats aren't good with changes and can become a bit stressed at first.


What does a cat typically doing when it bites you?

When a cat bites a human, it is typically not intentional. Often, the cat is caught up in the moment of playing and it can accidentally nip you. However, if the cat is angry or scared, it could be a natural response to tell you to back off.


What can a stare from a cat indicate?

When a cat stares, something has interested it and it likely wants to pounce. Cats typically do this to their prey just before attempting to catch them.


What is milk-treading?

Milk-treading is when a cat kneads their paws. Kittens knead their paws for milk and often carry this behavior with them into adulthood.


Is it true or false that cats sleep for hours on end?

Cats sleep a lot during the day. The average time that a cat spends sleeping each day is around 16 hours. Since they are crepuscular, they usually sleep while we're awake and adventure at night.


Which of the following would not be a reason for a cat to bite?

When a cat is happy, it typically would not bite. A cat could bite when playing, or when it is angry. If a cat bites when playing, it typically doesn't intend to hurt you in any way.


What kind of toys do cats enjoy playing with?

Cats enjoy playing with toys that resemble small animals. They are natural born hunters and often treat these toys as their prey.


Is it true or false that cats like the dark?

This is false. Cats truly don't care about whether it's dark or light. Of course, being crepuscular, they are awake during both the day and the night.


What does a cat do to keep itself warm while sleeping?

A cat typically curls up in a ball to keep warm while sleeping. They also love to lay in the sunlight, soaking up all of the heat from the sun's rays.


What makes a cat feel safe?

Squeezing into a tight space makes a cat feel safe. The small space makes it feel like the cat is secure. They are able to fit into these small spaces due to their spine which is flexible!


What does a cat do that shows that it trust you?

When a cat shows it's belly, it may appear to be a friendly invitation to pet them. It could be a trap! Some cats may enjoy a little belly rub here and there, but most only show their bellies to let you know that they trust you.


What helps a cat to get familiar with you?

Smell helps a cat to get more familiar with you. Cats rely on their sense of smell to gauge a person. Letting the cat smell you allows it to figure out if you are safe to interact with.


What does a cat do to relax?

Cats love to cuddle with their owners to relax. Whether they lay across your legs or rub up against you, a relaxed kitty is a happy kitty.


Is it true or false that cats don't like socializing with humans?

This is false. Cats love to socialize with humans when they are in the mood. They show their love for us in different ways like rubbing up against us or purring when we pet them.


Is it true or false that cats like to stay in large groups?

This is false. Cats prefer to stay solitary animals, but they do have the ability to join groups as well. They will typically still do most things alone, even if they are part of a group.


What do cats love to hunt/play with?

Cats love to play or hunt anything that moves. From strings to toy mice, cats get a kick out of chasing and pouncing on anything that catches their eye.


What is a cat doing when it licks itself?

When a cat licks itself, it's cleaning. There are spikes on a cats tongue that act a comb against their fur. Cats love to keep clean because it also helps to keep them cool!


How does an angry cat react to the source of its anger?

An angry cat will try to make itself appear larger to try and look like a threat to whatever is provoking it. The way a cat does this is by arching its back.


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