Can You Pass a 5th Grade Grammar Test?

By Stella Alexander on March 20, 2018

About This Quiz

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER? You might think so! It has probably been 15, 25, 40 or even more years since you were in 5th grade. From action verbs to your prepositions, can you pass a 5th-grade grammar test?

When you began your grammar education, you first learned about nouns and verbs. You would soon branch out into making singular nouns plural. In third and fourth grade, a lot of time was spent on subject-verb agreement. During the last year of elementary school, the grammar info got even harder!

By 5th grade, students are learning an abundance of information. Of course, there's math, science, and social studies, but we can't forget grammar! These 10- and 11-year-old students are learning about the proper use of adverbs and adjectives. Their curriculum includes prepositions and how to properly use them in a sentence. They're even learning how to properly draft personal and business letters! How much of this do you remember?

How would you properly write "the sister of James"? What is an "object of the preposition" and what are key words to help you find it in a sentence? Do you remember the difference between common and proper nouns?

You might think you're an eloquent speaker, but is your grammar on par with a 5th graders or is it worse? Let's hope it's better! Let's see if you can pass this 5th-grade grammar test!

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