Can You Name this State From an Upside-Down Outline?

By J.P. Naomi on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

The United States of America has consisted of fifty individual states since 1959 when Alaska joined the union. While more states may join in the future, this completed a 180-year process that took the country from the original thirteen states to its modern complement. Thanks to the federalist makeup of the U.S. Constitution, each of these states has its autonomy and can govern daily life within itself as it sees fit, subject to certain requirements about the rights of its citizens, and of course those areas that require a joint response like foreign policy or international trade deals. This means each state has its own culture, its own identity, and its laws.

Even so, just because the states are different once you go there doesn't mean they all look especially different on a map. Older countries tend to follow natural boundaries, but since the states had friendly neighbors, they were often drawn with straight lines, only sometimes allowing for rivers, mountains, or other geographical features to decide their borders. As a result, a number of them -- most especially those without coastlines -- have square borders.

Still, if you're an expert on all things American, you'll be able to recognize them anyway, just from their outlines -- even if we turn them upside down! Let's see how many you can recognize.

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