Can You Name These Navy Signal Flags?

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In our modern world of instant communication worldwide, where a funny cat video or gif can be bounced off a satellite and onto the other side of the world in a scant few seconds, does our navy really need ... flags? Aren't they just a misbegotten relic of a time before telecommunications? Are they just another example of how the military is full of hidebound traditionalists who need to adapt to the ever-changing real world and drop their aged, useless traditions to which they cling so dearly?

NO! The Navy Signal Flag system serves a valuable purpose, even today! First of all, they relay information instantaneously to everyone within viewing range. You don't have to filter the flag through a system of notifications or find a message in your ever-burgeoning email folder, you just know, immediately, what the flag is meant to tell you. Correspondingly, it's no surprise that many of the messages transmitted by these signal flags are important information that is meant to be relayed with all haste to anyone nearby. It's no good to tweet "man-overboard"! These flags are able to transmit need-to-know information at the speed of light, allowing all ships in range to immediately act as necessary to suit the situation.

But you already know  that, right? You're a Navy Signals expert, that's why you're here! We have in this quiz several dozen of the Navy's Signal Flags for you to apply your expertise towards. Now raise the anchor and set sail, you've got a mighty challenge ahead!

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