Can You Name These Movies Every Man Would Want to Star In?

By Jody Mabry on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Have you ever dreamed of leading a rebel star fleet against Darth Vader and the Empire? Perhaps, you dream of searching ancient and long-sought religious artifacts because "it belongs in a museum!" Are you a flyboy destined to hit the skies in an F-14 Tomcat? Or would you be found sprinting through foxholes and trenches during World War II? Are you an X-man running from oppression and fighting because it's your duty, or are you an Avenger, blessed with powers beyond imagination with the need to use them for good? Perhaps you're a romantic who wants to find a true love for the ages.

Do you love war movies? Are you a science fiction fanatic? Or, do you just dig a good action movie - historic or mystery? You've seen the leading men pull these parts together for decades, but now it's your turn. These are the movies every man - you - have always wanted to star in. But, first you need to be able to name these movies from an image. 

It may seem easy for a movie buff like you, but just like every mystery you've ever seen, nothing is as it seems, and as they say in "Indiana Jones", "Trust no one."

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