Can You Name These Major European Cities From a Well Known Fact?

By Jouviane Alexandre on February 22, 2018

About This Quiz

We're going on a European vacation! And we're not talking about the 1985 National Lampoon film! In this quiz, we're traveling through Europe to some of their major and most well-known cities. Can you name them all from a well-known fact? 

When it comes to all the countries in the world, there's a grand total of 197. Although Europe is the second smallest continent, after Australia, it has more countries than North America and South America combined! Within the 43 countries in Europe, they have some of the biggest and most visited cities in the world. 

The countries of Spain and France are ripe with multiple tourist-attracted cities, but we can't forget about England or Germany. Italy is known for cities like Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan. With all these major European cities, could you identify them from one just fact?

Do you know which city is located in Europe while the rest of its country is left behind in Asia? While you might know where the "City of Lights" is in France, could you pick out where the annual French film festival takes place? Spain has two premier "La Liga" football (soccer) teams. Can you pick out which cities they represent?

We're traveling all over Europe with the city of lights and the city of love! Will you love this quiz and come out on top or will the city of lights shut down on you?

Let's find out!

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