Can You Name These Global Cities from Three Clues?

By Zoe Samuel on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz

Cities rise and cities fall, and the ones that stand astride the world don't always last. From Troy to Babylon to Nineveh to Karakorum, great cities often end up merely ruins - but others always rise to take their place. Currently, there are supposedly around 50,000 cities in the world, though of course that figure varies depending on how you count a city. In some countries, it means just a certain size of population; in others, it means a large town with a cathedral. Cities are generally places with more significant financial, cultural and political impact than towns and villages, even when they're not necessarily that much bigger. Typical definitions for a city can be anything with over 50,000 people. If we only count over 500,000 people there are 1,063 cities, and if you put the line at a million, there are still just short of 500!

Thus, clearly, no one can know all the cities in the world. Still, there are some that are so consequential that everyone has heard about them, meaning they can draw millions of tourists annually as well as all sorts of hopefuls and dreamers who move there to make their fortune. Let's see how many of them you can identify from just three clues!

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