Can You Name These Famous Websites from a Portion of Their Logo?

By: Olivia C

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Ah, the internet. We all have a love affair with it. We have our favorite websites, our favorite apps when going mobile, and our favorite connectivity tool to each other -- and the world.

Such is the magic and appeal of this thing called the world wide web. The internet makes this global connectivity possible. At first, it was touted as part of "new media," thereby challenging the older existing modes of communication. But these challenges are not without basis, though. The internet was created not to alter existing media, but to help it reach more potential.

And potential it has. Who would have thought that we will be this advanced in telecommunications technology, just in 2018 and even beyond? 

And now, here we are. We all bookmark not books, but our favorite websites. We create accounts not in banks, but in social networking sites where we could feel closer to more people -- without leaving the comforts of our home. Ah, there is magic and satisfaction in there somewhere.

So if you like surfing websites a lot, we're sure you're very familiar with so many popular ones out there. Come and challenge yourself, see how far your connectivity has reached. Guess the website just by seeing part of its logo. Trust us, this one will be such a cinch for you! 

Let's go!

Google is undeniably the most popular website in the world today. Everyone is Google-able now!

YouTube says "Broadcast yourself." And the social media influencer was born.

Amazon.Com started as a small e-commerce site. It practically reinvented selling as we know it.

Facebook is undeniably the most popular social networking platform today. It all started at Harvard...

Tumblr is a blogging platform. However, it's also a social networking kind of platform.

Netflix is indeed changing the way we access movies and television. The entertainment industry is watching it!

When a hotel or restaurant has a Trip Advisor sticker, that means they're proud of their great ratings on that site. Customers make that happen.

Reddit is a huge community of people who post stuff and discuss it extensively in forums. But it doesn't look that way.

Blogger is one of the first web logs or blogs to come out of the internet. It was established in 1999.

The Internet Movie Database is such a treasure trove of movie info. Who doesn't love IMDb?

Twitter is redefining how people now have "conversations" online. Even public figures use this platform to broadcast their thoughts.

Dropbox users could put in files in a cloud storage and send links of that stuff to other people. They could also keep it as a backup place for documents.

Craigslist is a fairly simple website with numerous people in it. People have found jobs, apartments, things for sale, sex and love in here.

Paypal appeared complicated to use before. But now, it's the default standard of online payment systems.

Best Buy has a popular website where customers can browse through their goods. Then they can purchase online or go to one of their brick and mortar stores.

Pandora is a good online music service. Too bad it's not available in many parts outside the USA.

Ebay created an important platform where people could put up their merchandise and have auctions with it. But these days, you could also just buy or sell stuff simply.

UPS has an important website. That's because people monitor their package deliveries here.

The Bank of America website is popular because this bank is hugely popular in the US. They have to keep customers informed and updated.

Instagram began as an app exclusively for Iphone users only. Good thing they expanded to Android users!

Pinterest is like your personal curation space. You can create a collection of images there, depending on your needs.

Yahoo was one of the first search engines to exist. They soon expanded into other services, but also declined in others.

ESPN's website is one of the most popular of its kind. Many sports fans flock here for info and stats.

Apple has a neatly designed website. Its simplicity reflects Steve Jobs' legacy, in a way...

Wikipedia has a treasure trove of information. However, due to its nature of creation, educators dislike it as a primary resource for students.

The Pirate bay is a repository of content which users upload and download. Seeding is important here.

CNN is the pioneering 24/7 news channel. Of course this nonstop content is also reflected in their website.

Pornhub is one of the most popular adult entertainment websites today. It is banned in some countries, though.

The New York Times survived the transition of journalism from print to online. It's still well-read.

LinkedIn is the social networking site for professionals. Whether you're looking for a job or trying to change careers, having an account here helps headhunters to find you.

The Huffington Post has a different business model than traditional journalistic publications. That's because it was born on the web.

The NFL website garners a lot of visitors. That means there are many fans out there.

The Android website is a good place to check the latest versions of this mobile operating system. You can also check if your gadget is capable of running certain versions.

MTV has survived all these years with content that's not just music videos. Their website reflects their evolution.

Imgur is kinda like a complimentary to Reddit. But this site focuses on images.

Hulu is an American company. But its name is derived from Chinese words.

Yelp is a crowdsourced kind of business. People rate and review eateries, and they can also place reservations here.

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