Can You Name These Famous Websites from a Portion of Their Logo?

By Olivia C on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Ah, the internet. We all have a love affair with it. We have our favorite websites, our favorite apps when going mobile, and our favorite connectivity tool to each other -- and the world.

Such is the magic and appeal of this thing called the world wide web. The internet makes this global connectivity possible. At first, it was touted as part of "new media," thereby challenging the older existing modes of communication. But these challenges are not without basis, though. The internet was created not to alter existing media, but to help it reach more potential.

And potential it has. Who would have thought that we will be this advanced in telecommunications technology, just in 2018 and even beyond? 

And now, here we are. We all bookmark not books, but our favorite websites. We create accounts not in banks, but in social networking sites where we could feel closer to more people -- without leaving the comforts of our home. Ah, there is magic and satisfaction in there somewhere.

So if you like surfing websites a lot, we're sure you're very familiar with so many popular ones out there. Come and challenge yourself, see how far your connectivity has reached. Guess the website just by seeing part of its logo. Trust us, this one will be such a cinch for you! 

Let's go!

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