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In TV land, there have been many types of fathers who have graced the small screen. Think you can identify these memorable TV dads or which famous TV shows they appeared in? Then take this quiz and find out!

Dr. Cliff Huxtable is the distinguished gentleman of the Huxtable home in this pioneering TV sitcom. What is its title?

Dr. Cliff Huxtable is the leading character played by Bill Cosby in "The Cosby Show." While now overshadowed by the comedian's real-live controversies, the show was undeniably pioneering during its time.

Homer is the the donut-loving, beer-drinking underachiever father to the equally inspiring-to-be-an-underachiever, Bart. From which show are they?

"The Simpsons" is a pioneering show where fast-paced storytelling, in tandem with wacky, but lovable, characters paved the way for other animated shows on the small screen.

Jonathan Kent is the undeniable all-American dad to an all-American teenager -- even if the angsty farm boy teen is from another planet. Which TV show is this?

"Smallville" carried great story arcs while expounding on the Superman mythology during his tumultuous teen years. With the help of daddy, Jonathan Kent, angsty Clark Kent grew up well.

Al Bundy is the symbol of the quintessential dysfunctional dad in this equally dysfunctional -- but-highly-popular -- sitcom. What is its title?

Married... with Children put the dysfunctional family in the limelight of American television. And, in a way, it celebrated it to roaring success.

James Gandolfini played Tony, a family man who takes care of his actual nuclear family while taking care of his other family -- the Mafia. In which show did he appear?

"The Sopranos" was a hit -- pun intended -- on the small screen. Viewers got to see how a Mafioso could run his household while running the "business."

Jim Anderson is the midwestern middle-class dad who starred in this famous radio-to-TV classic sitcom. What is its title?

"Father Knows Best" was an all-American middle-class depiction of family life. It reflected many of the '50s era values, some of which are now rather contested by today's families since they're quite outdated.

Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett are both middle-class gay men and fathers. In what sitcom do they display all of these characteristics?

"Modern Family" is one of the longest-running sitcoms on American television which features gay characters in prominent roles.

Ray Barone is the overgrown kid who is also a father, but since he was spoiled by his mother, Debra, he's not so great at being a model dad to his own kids. Which sitcom is this?

"Everybody Loves Raymond" starred comedian Ray Romano. Apparently, audiences loved this show, too, since it aired for a good number of years.

Ross Geller typifies the younger set of single dads who have to juggle being a father while maintaining a good career and trying to find a woman who will commit to him -- despite his insecurities about himself. In which show could you find him and his pals?

"Friends" showed us how younger people could also try to be fathers while struggling with their own adulthood. Ross was played by David Schwimmer.

Gomez is the dashing dad who woos his lovely wife, Morticia, while maintaining a healthy-but-horrific relationship with his children, Pugsy and Wednesday. From which TV show are these folks?

"The Addams Family" was originally a popular published cartoon panel series. It later transferred its popularity to TV and later to film.

Lord Tywin heads House Lannister, where he tries to groom his children even if he's a widower. From which TV series is he?

"Game of Thrones" is a very popular TV series which came from books first. Some stories are indeed better fit for television.

Danny Tanner was that '80s-'90s sitcom dad who tried to raise his children with the help of two of his bachelor buddies. What sitcom is this?

"Full House" began airing in 1987 and ended in 1995. However, a sequel appeared on Netflix in 2016 entitled "Fuller House."

Mike was the widower who had three sons, and married Carol who had three daughters. What show is this?

"The Brady Bunch" was one of the earliest shows to portray a blended family. While they have their ups and downs, dad Mike manages on a daily basis.

Dan Conner is the blue collar worker dad dedicated to his rambunctious kids and his very opinionated wife. From which show is he?

Dan Conner is the dad and husband of Roseanne Conner in the sitcom, "Roseanne." The show is named after comedienne Roseanne Barr who also stars in it.

Tim Taylor likes tinkering with his tools inside his messy garage while trying to fix stuff. Where can you find this dad?

Tim Taylor is also known as "The Tool Man" for a good reason. He can be found in the sitcom, "Home Improvement," starring Tim Allen.

Archie Bunker is a white blue-collar dad who is bigoted -- and proud of it. In which '70s sitcom did he gain popularity?

"All in the Family" made Archie Bunker a household name. Even though its creator didn't intend for the bigoted Bunker to be lovable, the audiences accepted him, proving that audience plurality works in many ways.

If your dad is named Herman and he somehow looks like Dr. Frankenstein's creation, then you know you're watching this classic TV sitcom. What is its title?

"The Munsters" is where you'll see Herman Munster as a monster creation who tries to raise a family. Of course, he had to be married to a vampire girl.

Imagine having a hunky single dad, Tony Micelli, take on a role as a live-in housekeeper in an upper-middle-class suburb, working for a divorced female ad executive and her son. In what show can you find these people?

"Who's The Boss" tackled the issues of running a household. This time, gender roles and norms were challenged, and they turned out for good!

"Modern Family's" eclectic ensemble includes this kooky father who secretly wants to be a professional magician. Which of these dads is he?

Phil Dunphy is the goofy dad of Haley, Alex, and Luke. They work together well, despite the general kookiness of the household.

Peter Griffin might not have the highest IQ of all TV dads, but he remains a lovable one despite his animated shortcomings. Which show does he headline?

"Family Guy" is another example of an animated series that features adult content.

A toughie like Olivia Pope could have gotten that unique sensibility from her dad, Rowan Pope, who was a former worker at the CIA himself. In which show can you find them?

"Scandal" shows that even crisis management people need to have family moments. This is evident, even if the dad and daughter here are a force to reckon with!

Clay Morrow is the stepdad of Jax Teller and they both know how to ride a mean motorbike! In which show can you find the two?

"Sons of Anarchy" featured the motorbike-riding culture and the men who made it their life. Many contemporary issues also arose from this show.

Ron Swanson might be a strange boss who runs a kind of entertainment-ish complex as its director, but he can also be an OK father. Where can you see him and deputy director, Leslie Knope?

"Parks and Recreation" featured Ron Swanson, the strange director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. You really can't tell if he's happy or mad just by looking at him...

Phillip Drummond is the kind-hearted white man who decided to adopt two black kids from Harlem. In which show can you find them?

"Diff'rent Strokes" tackled issues of race and other sensitive issues in the 1970s.

John Winchester is the reluctant hero of a dad to Sam and Dean, who grew up looking for him while chasing and fighting monsters and demons in this world. In which show did the Winchesters rule?

"Supernatural" is a very popular drama series where the Winchester sons continue to fight the fight of their father, John. Whether the fight takes them to Hell or Heaven is still up for debate...

Carl Winslow is the good-natured policeman dad of a middle class African-American family featured in this Chicago-set sitcom. What is this show?

Reginald VelJohnson played officer Carl Winslow in "Perfect Strangers." But his character made a mark, so they made a spinoff show from it, starring him and his character, and titled it "Family Matters."

"Modern Family" features different types of dads, but this senior guy is its patriarch -- who married a woman much younger than him. What's the name of this Pritchett dad/granddad?

Jay Pritchett is the elder dad and patriarch in "Modern Family." He is played by Ed O'Neill, also known as the underachiever dad in Married...With Children.

In "Game of Thrones," he is the father of Arya Stark and the uncle of Jon Snow. Who is this dad?

Eddard Stark serves as the head of House Stark. He is played by actor Sean Bean.

Robert Crawley is the father who co-owns this massive mansion-like estate in Yorkshire, England. The name of the property is also the name of the show. What show is this?

"Downton Abbey" houses the rich Crawley family. Robert Crawley heads it, and he's sometimes called Lord Grantham.

Hal Wilkerson is the rich but rather immature dad of a dysfunctional family, and a show focused on the middle child's perspective. What is this sitcom called?

"Malcolm In The Middle" features Hal Wilkerson and his middle child, Malcolm. The son sometimes acts more mature than his dad.

Red Forman is the war veteran with a dry sense of humor, who lets his teenage kids hang out in the basement of their house. In what show can you find him and his kids?

"That '70s Show" featured Red Forman as the head of the Forman household. He was portrayed by Kurtwood Smith.

Jack Bauer may only have limited time to solve terrorist problems, but he has unlimited time for his daughter, Kim. In which show can you see this father-daughter tandem?

In 24, Jack Bauer was also a parent. His daughter was named Kim.

Charles Ingalls was the lovable Pa of a family who lived in a small cabin in a vast territory during the 1870s. From what show is this family?

Michael Landon starred as hardworking Pa, Charles Ingalls, in the '80s drama, "Little House on the Prairie."

Paul Hennessy was the overprotective single dad of teen daughters about to enter dating life in "8 Simple Rules... For Dating My Teenage Daughter." Which famous comedian portrayed the frazzled dad?

John Ritter became famous in "Three's Company." He went on to star in "8 Simple Rules... For Dating My Teenage Daughter."

Tom Bradford was a newspaper columnist who had to run a household of more than half a dozen kids. Which late '70s TV show featured him?

"Eight is Enough" starred Dick Van Patten as the dad, Tom Bradford. He had to struggle to raise eight kids after his wife died.

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