Can You Name These Famous Formula 1 Drivers from a Photo?

By Marty Sems on June 15, 2018

About This Quiz

Before NASCAR pretty much completely took over the U.S. car racing airwaves, Formula 1 racing was the king of the road. In most of the rest of the world, it still is. Walk into a taverna, bistro or trattoria in Europe on a weekend and you'll likely see bizarrely streamlined racers slaloming around tracks that bear no resemblance to the "turn left for 500 miles" tracks in the United States. The racers who drive those Formula 1 cars are huge stars in their own right, and if you pay any attention at all to the sport you will know a lot of them.  This quiz will test your knowledge of Formula 1's biggest stars!

If you're a NASCAR fan, you might even get a bonus, since some of the greatest stars of Formula 1 are also NASCAR drivers, or have been at some point in their careers. Maybe they decided they wanted to turn left AND right for a change?  The skill sets are mostly the same between the two sports, although the Formula 1 cars are somewhat more high-tech and temperamental than their NASCAR brethren. Try "swapping paint" in a Formula 1 car and you'll end up wrapped up in a ball.

We hope you don't hit the wall with this quiz!  Put on your helmet, head for turn 1 and click start!

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