Can You Name the U.S. President from Three Hints?

By Zoe Samuel on April 13, 2018

SGT Laura Buchta

About this Quiz

Since George Washington, the United States has always been led by a president. A president of The United States differs from other heads of state in many key ways. First of all, the job is not inherited. Presidents are not kings. Secondly, presidents are all commanders in chief, which prime ministers are not. American presidents have the awesome power of the American military at their fingertips, so their words carry tremendous weight. Finally, presidents hold a ceremonial significance that almost no other heads of state have, outside kings and queens.

In the old days, it was believed that our politicians would be "gentlemen farmers" who would take turns in office, returning to their routine lives. This has quickly become a laughable idea. Some of our politicians and indeed some of our presidents were lifelong creatures of the capital, learning where to find the levers of power and how to use them. No president is as effective as one who knows where the bodies are buried.

So how is your knowledge of these historic men? Do you know your dynasties from your one-offs? Your major impact players from your flashes in the pan? How much do you really know about POTUS? Take this quiz to find out!

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