Can You Name the Rifle From a Photo?

By Kennita Leon on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Rifles are guns that are designed with extended spiral barrels that are grooved. The intent is to make a bullet spin allowing for accuracy over a great distance. This weapon can be braced against the user's shoulder for better stability when firing. Useful for warfare, shooting sports and hunting, rifles have evolved from being able to shoot only one bullet to now having the capacity to fire multiple rounds per one squeeze of the trigger. 

There are several different variations of this kind of gun, which include but are not limited to pneumatic, CO, manual, and self-loading rifles. A single shot rifle is typically bolted or break action while a repeating rifle can be lever-action, pump action, semi-automatic or bolt-action. But you already knew all this right?

The AR-15 rifle, for example, has an infamous reputation because most individuals believe that ‘AR’ stands for assault rifle. However, the AR-15 received its name after ‘ArmaLite rifle,’ from the company that invented it in the 1950s. Initially, this gun was designed to transform soldier weaponry by offering a lighter option with less recoil action. 

Our quiz has many different types of rifles that we want you to try to identify. Are you up to the challenge? Will you be labeled as a gun expert in the end, or should you leave them alone entirely?

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