Can you name the Nintendo character from their description or mission?

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Nintendo characters come in many shapes and sizes, and most find themselves on a mission! Do you think you can name them from their description/mission? Take the quiz to find out!

Which character's goal is to save a princess as well as the land that he lives in?

The character is Link! Link is always on a mission to save Princess Zelda and the land of Hyrule from Ganon. He also fights other creatures and monsters along his journeys.

Which character saves a princess with the help of his brother?

The character is Mario! Mario's mission is to save Princess Peach and defeat Bowser along with his brother, Luigi.

What character rides on a cloud and can put you back on a race track?

The character is Lakitu! Lakitu rides on a cloud and can drop spiked shells. In the Mario Kart series, Lakitu can put a player back on track after they've fallen off.

Which character is from Port Town?

The character is Captain Falcon! Captain Falcon is from Port Town. He also appears in other series by Nintendo such as Super Smash Bros.

Which character is the princess of her land, and holds the Triforce of Wisdom?

The answer is Princess Zelda. She's far more than the helpless maiden waiting to be rescued by Link.

Which character saves his land called Dream Land?

The character is Kirby! He lives in Dream Land which is located on Planet Popstar, and he usually has to save his land.

Which character runs a museum?

The character is Blathers! Blathers runs a museum in most Animal Crossing games where different items such as fossils and bugs can be donated.

Which character owns a shop in the majority of the games he appears in?

The character is Tom Nook! Tom Nook is a character in the Animal Crossing series. He has owned Nook's Cranny, which can expand to bigger and better stores.

Which character often tries to take over the land of Hyrule?

The character is Ganon! Ganon often tries to take over the land of Hyrule, while Link tries to stop him. When he is human, he is known as Ganondorf.

Which character is a musician who travels and plays songs on request?

The character is K.K. Slider! K.K. Slider travels to the player's town on Animal Crossing and will play songs on request. He has many songs that can also be played in your house once they're obtained.

Which character wears a power suit for protection?

The character is Samus Aran! Samus wears a special power suit that protects her from danger. She is part of the Metroid series.

Which character is the leader of the Icarus Army?

The character is Pit! Pit is the leader of the Icarus Army, and he is often tasked with saving Angel Land and taking down Medusa.

Which character was Mario's challenger in his self-titled game?

The character is Donkey Kong! Donkey Kong challenged Mario in the game titled, "Donkey Kong." He's also made appearances in many games since!

Which character was a villain in Pokemon Yellow, alongside James?

The character is Jessie! In Pokemon Yellow, she appears with James as a mini-boss. After defeating them, you can battle their boss Giovanni.

Which character appears when a player forgets to save their game?

The character is Mr. Resetti! Mr. Resetti appears out of the ground when a player forgets to save their Animal Crossing game. He will give them a lecture that gets worse the more that they don't save.

Which character acts as the player's assistant?

The character is Isabelle! Isabelle acts as the player's assistant as they become the mayor of their own town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Which character is Mario's twin brother?

The character is Luigi! Luigi is Mario's twin brother. He has had many of his own games and is part of multiple other series made by Nintendo.

Which character is often saved by Mario?

The character is Princess Peach! Princess Peach is often saved by Mario after she is kidnapped by Bowser. She also appears in many other series made by Nintendo.

Which character is Samus Aran's enemy?

The character is Ridley! Ridley is a dragon who is an enemy to Samus Aran. He also killed her parents. He has been in the Super Smash Bros. series as well.

Which character is a fan of Nintendo and can be found with a series of mini-games?

The character is 9-Volt! 9-Volt is found in the WarioWare series where there are many mini-games that can be played.

Which character kidnaps Princess Peach?

The character is Bowser! Bowser enjoys kidnapping Princess Peach in an effort to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario always finds a way to save the day.

Which character founded the Star Fox Team?

The character is James McCloud! James is the founder of the Star Fox Team and his position of leader was passed down to his son, Fox McCloud.

Which character works for Princess Peach?

The character is Toad! Toad worked as an assistant to Princess Peach in many games, but also had many games of his own.

Which character runs the Comet Observatory?

The character is Rosalina! Rosalina runs the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. The Lumas also refer to Rosalina as "mama."

Which character was created to help Mario and Luigi?

The character is Yoshi! Yoshi was created to help Mario and Luigi, and they were even able to ride on the dinosaur in some games.

Which character was a former Mayor who retired?

The character is Tortimer! Tortimer was mayor of the player's Animal Crossing town except for in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Which character is Fox McCloud's enemy?

The character is Wolf O'Donnell! Wolf is the enemy of Fox McCloud. Wolf also serves as the leader of the Star Wolf Team which is against the Star Fox Team.

Which character rejected the opportunity of becoming the leader of the Star Fox Team?

The character is Peppy Hare! Peppy rejected the opportunity to lead the Star Fox Team after the death of James McCloud.

Which character helps his fellow Kongs on their quests?

The character is Funky Kong! Funky Kong helps out his fellow Kongs, and he has also appeared in many other games outside of the Donkey Kong series.

Which character is Donkey Kong's nephew?

The character is Diddy Kong! Diddy Kong is part of the Donkey series and has been in other series as well. He also has a girlfriend named Dixie Kong.

Which character wants to be a Pokemon Master?

The character is Ash! Ash wants to be a Pokemon Master. He appears in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow as the character known as "Red."

Which character is an electric type Pokemon?

The character is Pikachu! Pikachu is an electric type Pokemon who travels along with his trainer, Ash. Pikachu is part of the Pokemon games as well.

Which character comes from the planet of Hocotate?

The character is Captain Olimar! Captain Olimar comes from the planet of Hocotate and he discovered the Pikmin.

Which character lives in Pallet Town?

The character is Professor Oak! Professor Oak gives players their choice of starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red, Blue and Green. In Yellow, he gives the player a Pikachu.

Which character is a botanist?

The character is Captain Brittany! Captain Brittany is a botanist. She travels with Alph and Charlie to Koppai.

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