Can You Name the NFL Team From Its All-Time Leading Tackler?

By J.P. Naomi on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

The NFL is known for its hard-hitting tacklers more than its hail-Mary passes, pick six, and dodging quick step runs down the field. But who are the men behind the hits? This is the quiz that is going to test your brawn as you try to figure out which player hits first and hits hardest. From linebacker to cornerback these players spent years perfecting their trade of deception, footwork and upending the offense. 

Eugene Robinson played for four teams including the Packers, Falcons and Panthers, but on which team did he accumulate the most tackles? Junior Seau sure knew how to charge things up in his twenty-year career with the Dolphins, Patriots. Brian Urlacher spent his 13-year career with only one team, where he blew away opposing players while notching 1,353 career tackles - but which team was that?

With a century of play in the NFL, do you think you can name these top tacklers from all of the NFL's teams? Sure, maybe you can name your team - or can you? Who is the leading tackler for the Packers? The Patriots? The Dolphins? Are you all about the hard hits? Figure this quiz out and you can claim all the bragging rights!

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