Can you name the movie villain from their signature look, gadget, or home?

By: Olivia Cantor
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Villains can sometimes be more memorable in movies because of their catchphrases or killer lines, so to speak. But since we're in a visual medium, it's still their look, the gadgets they have, and/or the homes/hideouts they have that get cult attention -- sometimes more than their performances! Think you can identify the villain given any of these detailed clues? Then test your wits and take this quiz to find out!

The "Star Wars" saga's ultimate dark lord wears a cape, a head-mask contraption that helps him breathe, and a red lightsaber. What's his name?

Darth Vader is the quintessential symbol of evil.

In "The Da Vinci Code," this brown-robed monk who wore a strange contraption on his leg to "punish himself" while acting on a "crusade for God," pursued ancient​ symbolism scholar Robert Langdon relentlessly. What is his name?

Silas was a monk who was working under the order of a secret bishop.

Superman's human nemesis lived in a mansion, owned a string of corporations with questionable business dealings, and had kryptonite with which to fight off the man of steel. Who was he?

Lex Luthor's film adaptations have been uneven, from Gene Hackman's comedic evil genius to Jesse Eisenberg's wacko-like spoiled brat. The TV series Smallville got it better...

In "Pulp Fiction," which one of the two hit men had sideburns, a mustache, a leather wallet and said "bad m*th*rf*ck*r" and a quote from the Bible before shooting the enemy?

Jules Winnfield was the Bible-quoting baddie with an attitude. Don't cross him, as his wallet warned!

This "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" enemy transformed itself into anything, so he donned a police outfit and the body-face of a policeman while turning into liquid metal once in a while. What is his "name?"

T-1000 terrified moviegoers when they saw him get shot and transform into something else.

He's a crazy barber who owns a shop on Fleet Street, and yes, he uses his barber tools. like scissors and blades, to cut up people. Who is this he?

Sweeney Todd is the Demon barber of Fleet Street. The movie starred Johnny Depp.

In the first few films of the Harry Potter universe, this Potions professor, when not in his chemistry-laden office, visits the house he also supervises -- Slytherin. Who is this dark teacher?

Severus Snape was the professor the magical kids loved to hate. But he had some redemption at the end of the series...

"The Hunger Games" would not have happened if this president hadn't encouraged it by sending Katniss roses. What's this villain's name?

President Snow is the main enemy of the Hunger Games. Katniss vowed to kill him.

In the Japanese version of "The Ring," this long-haired ghostly girl climbed out of a well she fell into and crept onto and out of the television set to reach the viewer! Who is this scary vision?

Sadako is the Japanese version of this Ring antagonist. In the American versions, she's known as Samara.

She may look like your typical fashionista corporate boss, but this "Devil Wears Prada" diva drank Starbucks coffee while wearing the latest designer trends that went with her signature sunglasses. What's her name?

Miranda Priestly was the evil figure everyone loved to hate in the fashion industry. She was played by Meryl Streep.

She may sport pigtails and blow bubble gum looking like a girl next door, but this femme fatale can smash someone to smithereens using a baseball bat, with no psychological hang-ups. Who is this "Suicide Squad" member?

Harley Quinn is becoming the favorite villain of many preteens. Expect more films soon!

Coraline got the surprise of her life when she found another version of her life in a parallel dimension, but the villain there had buttons for eyes! Who is this supposedly nurturing figure who later scares her?

The other mother is how Coraline knew and referred to this, well, other version of her mother she saw in the other dimension. It's scary!

She had flawless skin and hair, a very cheerleader-fit body, and girls from her Plastics group to "use" whenever she felt like it, especially for errands. Who was this Mean Girl?

Regina George epitomized the Mean Girl of the younger generation. But she had her comeuppance!

He wore a striped shirt, a fedora hat, and crazy metal claws that could kill you when you fell asleep. Who was this "Nightmare on Elm Street" villain?

Freddy Krueger was the scary image of '80s horror flicks. He's one of the scariest villains ever.

He terrorized Gotham City using his deadly umbrella or launching his non-flying birdie minions from the city's sewers where he lived. Who was he?

The Penguin was an abandoned child who grew up in the Gotham sewers. No wonder he had issues!

This ancient Egyptian baddie was revived via "The Book of the Dead" and transformed himself into sand to travel through the desert and the pyramids. What is this former mummy's name?

Imhotep was the mummy that wreaked havoc for Rick and Evie in the 1999 film that spawned that series. Never mind the latest, though...

This police inspector always wore his French bicorne wide hat and heavy overcoat, but only had his wits and singing voice when pursuing the ex-convict, Jean Valjean, in "Les Miserables." Who was he?

Javert was the obsessed police inspector in "Les Miserables." Russell Crowe portrayed him on film, singing and all.

In "Face/Off," this character literally had another face, and it went well with the police badge and gun that he abused to gain entry into society again. What was his name?

Castor Troy was the evil guy whose face got swapped with a police officer. What a film pitch, eh!

In "300," who was the bald Persian god-king with all the gold chain bling-bling, and a shiny hoop nose ring?

Xerxes was the Persian god-king nemesis in "300." He came back in the sequel, with a more interesting back story.

He had such powerful breath because he breathed fire, especially when enraged. His skin was reptilian-like, scaly and hard -- because he was a dragon to boot. Who was this creature who terrorized The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins?

Smaug was the creature that guarded the stolen riches, and Bilbo tried to retrieve the ring from him. Yep, that precious ring!

He had a trench coat, shades, mechanical tentacles attached to his back, and a doctorate degree. Who was this "Spiderman" nemesis?

Alfred Molina played Doc Ock in "Spiderman 2" in 2004. He was a good villain to hate.

This white-haired sea witch had the tentacles of an octopus and greed for the singing voice of Ariel. Who was this nemesis of "The Little Mermaid"?

Ursula was the demonic villain of "The Little Mermaid." Ariel didn't stand a chance!

When not riding his fancy car or motorcycle, this blonde black belter wore his Cobra Kai martial arts uniform and bullied Daniel in "The Karate Kid." Who was he?

Johnny Lawrence was the cocky karate guy out to hurt Daniel-san. Good thing Mr. Miyagi was there to rescue and teach.

In "The Omen," this kid was usually dressed in black, had mop-top-ish hair, and a small birthmark with "666." Who was he?

Damien was the Antichrist in "The Omen." The mark of the devil gave him away.

Even in his elegantly-designed black frock-like monastic costume, those nails that seemed to be hammered all over his face and bald head were hard to miss. Who was he?

Pinhead was the enemy in "Hellraiser." But he appeared as a dignified person, unlike other slashers out there...

This Bond villain was no shark, but he shared his name with one ​since he had metal teeth as sharp as a shark's! Who was he?

Jaws was an early James Bond villain. He was also one of the most effective, as fans loved him!

This "Friday The 13th" slasher used a machete to hack his victims, and a hockey mask to hide his face. What was his name?

Jason was the name behind the ice hockey mask in "Friday the 13th." He terrorized a certain camp.

It is no fun if a man wearing a clown costume begins killing children. What was the long-form name of "It"?

Pennywise The Dancing Clown first existed in a novel by Stephen King, and later as a movie and TV character.

This green-skinned entity's pastime was to terrorize visitors in Oz while wearing a pointy, long, black hat and black dress. Which "Wizard of Oz" character was this?

The Wicked Witch of the West was Dorothy's enemy when she arrived in Oz. That pointy nose was not a good thing to have...

In "The Silence of the Lambs," this wavy-haired serial killer liked collecting moths, had a sewing machine to create a suit out of women's skins, and a van with which to abduct victims. What was his nickname?

Buffalo Bill was the serial killer for which Clarice Starling was searching. The character was criticized for dehumanizing transgender people.

While his nemesis transformed into a trailer truck, this leader of the Decepticons transformed into a huge type of gun. Who was he?

Megatron was the evil Transformers character. He was always mad.

In "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest," it wasn't surprising to find a villain wearing a nurse's uniform inside the mental institution -- because she worked there as one. What was this sinister nurse's name?

Nurse Ratched controlled the goings-on of the state hospital where Randle McMurphy was admitted. The two didn't hit it off very well...

These small creatures looked like villains with their reptilian-like faces, pointy ears on their huge heads and very sharp teeth that matched their bony body frame -- but only if you fed them after midnight. What were these creatures?

"Gremlins" was a favorite thriller film of the '80s. The cute, furry animal that transformed into a dangerous creature was indeed a suburban nightmare!

In "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," this villain appeared to be a human wearing a black trench coat, hat, and sunglasses, even at night. But his red eyes popped out when he revealed his devilish self. Who was he?

Judge Doom knew how to kill toons in Toon Town. So yes, he was a duplicitous monster!

This creature was small as a baby, had baby blue eyes, wore a long-sleeved striped shirt with overalls -- and was made of wood, since he was a doll that was not too adorable to play with. Who was this creature?

Chucky was the horror toy in "Child's Play." He's one of the most iconic non-human villains ever.

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