Can you name the movie hero from their signature look, gadget, or home?

By: Olivia Cantor
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Movie heroes are memorable because of what they do and the kind of person they are, but also because of their signature look, their helpful gadgets and accessories, or their home town. Think you can put these heroes in place, where they belong? Then take this quiz and find out!

This benevolent bald leader of the X-Men could also be a spokesperson for a section of the PWDs since he is also one, and uses a high-tech wheelchair to help him move. What's his name?

Professor X is the heroic leader of the X-Men. He's a sympathetic telepath who is a good friend and mentor.

To time-travel, this teen rides a DeLorean converted into a time machine, in between using a hoverboard and drinking Pepsi. Who is he?

Marty McFly is one of the beloved teen heroes of the '80s. He was played by Michael J. Fox.

This group of scientists opened a special service where they use a converted Hearse to carry their proton packs to do their job. Who are they?

The "Ghostbusters" female reboot kept to the original design of the film. It still works!

In "Mad Max: Fury Road," she drives a huge oil tanker tailored to respond to her commands while managing it with a prosthetic robotic arm. Who is this semi-bald fierce female?

Furiosa is the secret rebel figure in "Mad Max: Fury Road." Charlize Theron played her so well!

This brave disciple of God led his people out of slavery in Egypt wearing long robes, leather sandals and carrying a long wooden staff that's blessed by the Almighty. Who is this hero who also got hold of the Ten Commandments ?

Moses is the Biblical character who defied a Pharaoh. In "The Ten Commandments," he was played by Charlton Heston.

He wears dark shades and uses a Nokia flip-slide cell phone to connect with other rebels whenever they go inside "The Matrix." What's his name?

Neo is always touted as "The One" by Morpheus. Keanu Reeves played him.

This Latin lover is also a fighter when he dons a black eye mask, a black gaucho hat, and uses a fencing sword to ward off enemies -- also to sign his initial. What is his name?

Zorro is the heroic masked man with humble beginnings. The mask hides his true identity.

Who would have thought that a creature who looks like a tree -- complete with roots, trunk, leaves, and branches -- could become a guardian of the galaxy? But it is! What is this guardian's name?

Groot is the lovable guardian with the classic one-liner. That's because he only says one line, ever: I am Groot.

This son of Poseidon might appear dyslexic to regular people, but he reads ancient scriptures to enter another world, where he can use a simple pen that turns into a sword ​and harness the power of water due to his heritage. What is his name?

Percy Jackson is the lightning thief. Or so they thought, in the beginning.

When not carrying a bottle/barrel of whiskey to drink, this pirate steers the magnanimous ship called Black Pearl. Who is he?

Capt. Jack Sparrow is the ultimate Pirate of the Caribbean. He was played by Johnny Depp.

This single mom, when let out of a detention facility -- where she toned her muscles to a T -- started wearing tank tops, shades, and carrying a shotgun, in case another Terminator comes in the picture. What's her name?

Sarah Connor is the mom of future rebel leader John Connor. So her importance in the "Terminator" franchise is regarded.

He may be the smallest creature from Middle Earth, but his simple, brown, no-shoes outfit is enough for him to travel far and wide to carry that One Ring back to its proper place. What's his name?

Frodo Baggins is the small hero with the big journey. But he made it!

He's an archeology professor who wears a fedora and brings a whip whenever he goes on an adventure. What is this hero's name?

Indiana Jones went on many adventures. Let's see if there's another one coming up...

This classic Charlie Chaplin cinematic character wears a bowler hat, an ill-fitting suit of sorts, carries a cane, and sports a small mustache. What's his name?

The Tramp appeared in many silent films, thanks to Charlie Chaplin. He is now an iconic figure with this signature look.

"The Boy Who Lived" is unmistakable for the lightning scar on his forehead, the round glasses, and that magical wand. Who is this Gryffindor student?

Harry Potter has become a household name since the 2000s. His legacy will never be tarnished.

This cape-wearing British gentleman -- who also hides behind a Guy Fawkes mask -- knows how to appreciate art, in between plotting to destroy Parliament. Who is he?

V is the name of the hero in "V for Vendetta." He was played by Hugo Weaving.

Her long hair is always braided so it won't get in the way of her job as a Tomb Raider, so it's easier to use the guns she stores in the holsters strapped to her legs. Who is this fearless female?

Only Angelina Jolie could play Lara Croft to a T. She hit it big there!

This daywalker is part-vampire, so he brings along his anti-vampire serum to inject while fighting the bad guys with his super-sharp sword and martial arts skills. Who is this hero?

Blade is the daywalker who suppresses his vampire side. He was played by Wesley Snipes.

She's from District 12, but she's good with a bow and arrow set since she uses this to hunt for food. Who is she?

Katniss Everdeen is the brave volunteer of "The Hunger Games." The book version had better narration of her persona, though.

He's got the starship USS Enterprise to command on a daily basis, so he wears his special captain-designated, long-sleeved uniform shirt. Which "Star Trek character" is this?

James Tiberius Kirk is the USS Enterprise's captain. Chris Pine plays him in the film reboot series.

If your main superpower is being rich, then you're already cool if you have too many gadgets in your black utility belt -- plus a cool car, bike, and jet, all maintained by a butler named Alfred. Which billionaire bachelor is this?

Batman has all the cool gadgets. That's fine, since he has no innate power of his own...

He's got the old police badge but he also has partly reconstructed robotic parts. Who is this super-sized law enforcer?

Robocop is the revived part human, part robot police officer on the side of good. The film was a hit in the '80s, and was rebooted in 2014.

This cool nanny always has her bottomless handbag that can carry just about anything. Her trusty umbrella can make her fly, and she brings along a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Who is she?

Mary Poppins is the character created by author PL Travers. The Disney film was a far departure from her own vision, she said.

These "Men in Black" intergalactic agents don't report to work without their black suits, black shoes, black car, super-dark shades, and their Neuralyzer light gadget to make people forget about them. Who are they?

J and K are the cool Men in Black. The film series is always fun to watch with those two.

This horrific-looking pre teen​ always wears her black dress to complete her pale face look and long braided hair that's parted in the middle. Which of The Addams Family member is this?

Wednesday Addams is the cute little "Addams Family" member who is also lovable.

Part of his ensemble, whether sporty or stylish, is tailor-made to fit any deeply covert espionage mission. He also gets voice-recorded messages that self-destruct in five seconds, whose sender will disavow any knowledge of his actions should they become compromised. Who is he?

"Mission: Impossible" has Ethan Hunt as its main character. In the old TV series, it's Jim Phelps, which the Tom Cruise series killed off in the beginning. What homage?

When you've got huge bracelets that can deflect bullets and a lasso that can squeeze the truth out of any liar, then you're in good company with her, shield and sword included. Who is she?

Wonder Woman is such a wonder to watch on the big screen. Those signature gadgets do work!

This guy owned a factory, membership documents to the Nazi party, and a list of the names of Jews he saved during the Holocaust. Who is he?

Oskar Schindler is a real-life businessman whose life story was made into a film, "Schindler's List." Steven Spielberg won accolades for that film.

He owns a New York mansion, several mysterious businesses, and a yellow luxury car that's to die for during the Roaring '20s. Who is he?

The "Great Gatsby" was about Jay Gatsby, a mysterious man about town. He was played in the Baz Luhrmann film version by Leo DiCaprio.

He's got a huge machine gun, military pants or fatigue-designed outfit, and a bandana on his forehead to keep his slightly long locks out of his sweaty face when gunning down enemies in the jungle. Who is he?

John Rambo is the iconic heroic figure sporting a military outfit and a huge machine gun. Nothing says macho like Rambo!

This musical duo of brothers always wore a hat, suit, shades, and brought along their jazzy instruments. Who are these two?

Jake and Elwood Blues are The Blues Brothers. They're kind and talented in their own way...

Starting from the very beginning, she's got a veil as a trainee nun-to-be, which she later swapped for a nanny outfit. But she always has her guitar. Who is this lass?

Maria Von Trapp married into the family that hired her as a nanny. "The Sound of Music" is based on a true story.

As a member of the Na'vi clan, she has their trademark blue skin, dreadlocks-styled long hair, and some white dots forming a pattern on her pretty face. Which Avatar character is this?

Neytiri is the Na'vi who falls for a human. She was played by Zoe Saldana.

She wears a work suit that has the occasional suspenders, a simple shirt, and a huge gun slung on one shoulder, in case some Alien comes onboard her ship. What's her name?

Ellen Ripley is an iconic female hero of the sci-fi film genre. She's as tough as the others could be!

This teen bookworm has a flashlight to read books in the dark, especially the one entitled "The NeverEnding Story." Who is he?

Bastian is the bookworm who goes inside the magical book of stories. It's another chapter of adventure!

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