Can You Name the MLB Team From Its All-Time Winningest Pitcher?

By R. White on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Baseball is known as a game of statistics. From batting average, and on-base percentage to home runs, steals, triples, and walks. But, this quiz is about the position notoriously known for its dominant statistics and the teams defined by these players - the pitcher.

These pitchers played decades to accumulate monstrous numbers and fame. Their names defined their team and decades - even over a century later - some of these players are more popular than modern pitchers. But, how well do you know pitchers and their teams? Do you think you can figure it out from a name and some stats? It might be harder than you think. While some players span their decades-long career with one team, other pitchers moved across several teams leaving their mark with each. 

Warren Spahn debuted in 1942 and racked up 356 wins for Atlanta. But, do you know which city the team originated? Hooks Daus has 223 wins, the most for this popular team, despite playing with big hurlers such as Jack Morris and Mickey Lolich. Which team did he play for? From ERA, games played, most innings pitched and more these are the pitchers you grew up idolizing. So, which stats do you remember the most? Step up on the mound and start your wind-up. This quiz will bring you back in time!

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