Can You Name the Fast Food Restaurant from a Snapshot of a Commercial?

By Kennita Leon on February 05, 2018

About This Quiz

Commercials are forms of audio, visual, or a combination of the two marketing methods that are used to advertise a company's product or products. They can be done through different forms of media such as television and radio.

The commercial form of advertising is often employed to increase sales and consumption of products from the company using the method. They do so by branding the products in such a way that it sticks (or is supposed to stick) in the customer's mind. 

Commercial advertising can be used by just about any company whether it be religious organizations, governmental agencies, political parties, or fast food restaurants. 

Last year alone, 40.4% of advertising was via television and it's no wonder because we've all been bombarded by fast food ads. 

The fast food world is notorious for the kinds of commercials they air. Sometimes they're hits, such as the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald's ad, and sometimes they're such big misses that we wonder what they were thinking; take for example Jessica Simpson in that Pizza Hut commercial. The question is, have you been paying enough attention to these fun, tasteful, and sometimes downright scary advertisements enough to name the fast food chain from just a snapshot? Let's find out with this quiz! 

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