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From arcades to computers and television consoles, video games have played an important role in the lives of children and adults. Can you name the famous video game?

What video game features monkeys, bananas, and elusive red balloons?

Donkey Kong is a famous video game series featuring a gorilla and a chimp, Donkey and Diddy Kong, team up to fight the bad guys. When they collect 100 bananas, they get another life. Or, if they collect a red balloon, they automatically get another life. If only real life was like that!


In what video game must you navigate a maze while avoiding ghosts and eating small yellow dots?

Pac-Man is an arcade game developed by Namco. The goal is to eat all of the dots in the maze while avoiding four ghost characters. However, you can turn the tables and chase after the ghosts when you eat a Power Pellet.


What puzzle-style video game features falling bricks that must be arranged to create horizontal lines for points?

Tetris is one of the most popular puzzle-solving games. Originally released in 1984, this game of falling bricks has captivated players for hours, trying to clear as many horizontal lines as possible.


Name the video game series where you play a blue robot character, battling other robot bosses such as Fire Man, Ice Man, Shark Man, etc.

Mega Man introduced us to the humanoid robot created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. When Dr. Wily went rogue and reprogrammed all of the other robots for evil, Mega Man volunteered to defend the world. His Mega Buster cannon was attached to his arm and when fully charged, packs a punch.


Traveling the world of Hyrule, in what game to you play as the character named Link and battle for the Triforce?

Link, the main character in The Legend of Zelda, is a young hero in green armed with the legendary Master Sword. His mission is to reclaim the kingdom of Hyrule, often assisted by the Princess Zelda. To save the land, pieces of the Triforce must be collected from the evil Ganon.


In which game must you rescue Princess Peach and all of Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa?

Super Mario Bros. was the success that led to Mario's incredible fame. Sure, he has to save the Princess and defeat Bowser in almost every Mario game, but the classics never die.


This blue animal character with his friends Tails, Amy, and Knuckles must defeat Dr. Eggman in what game?

Sonic is a very fast hedgehog; therefore most of the levels are often speed-based. Sonic and his friends must stop Dr. Eggman from taking over the world in the Sonic the Hedgehog games, but why not collect a few golden rings along the way?


What fast-paced racing game speeds through city streets evading the police?

The Need for Speed games take racing into the streets, often racing illegally alongside everyday traffic. The thrill of the game also includes the requirement to evade local law enforcement, who are chasing you because of your illegal drag racing club.


Which arcade game puts the player in a vehicle that shoots up at waves of invading alien ships?

Space Invaders is an original arcade game that had several sequels on the Atari. The game fixes the player at the bottom of the screen, only able to move left and right while shooting at alien ships descending from the sky.


Often considered the first two-player video game, which arcade game is similar to table tennis with a paddle on each side of the screen?

Pong is a two-dimensional game similar to table tennis which was released in 1972. The paddles are flat lines on either side of the screen, and the players take turns volleying a small dot across the screen. Missing a return gives the other player a point.


Which science fiction action game features heroine bounty hunter Samus Aran and protector of the galaxy?

In Metroid games, Samus protects the galaxy from the Space Pirates, which are basically humanoid reptiles or insects. The pirates are after the Metroids, organisms that drain life energy from any life form, which can later be used as an infinite power source.


What game features a pink puffball that can inflate himself to fly and swallows enemies to copy their abilities?

Kirby is a pink, spherical creature from the planet Pop Star. He must defeat King Dedede before he conquers all of Dream Land. Kirby has the unique ability to fly by inflating himself, although his attacks are limited.


What auto racing video game became popular for state of the art graphics and the​ use of real-world vehicles?

During the height of its popularity, Gran Turismo was the most realistic racing simulator of the time. The game included excellent graphics, highly detailed real-world cars, and a realistic physics engine. Winning races meant making more money, and either increasing the performance of your current car or buying a newer, better one.


This science fiction and fantasy role-playing video game features turn-based battle scenes and options to either fight, use magic, or use items.

Final Fantasy was one of the first successful RPG-style games that eventually led to one of the most successful franchises of all time. Although most sequel games are mostly independent, many elements are common throughout the games, including the turn-based battle scenes. However, recent installments of the series have opted for a more "open combat" style.


This survival horror video has the player fighting off zombies infected with the T-virus, a creation of the Umbrella Corporation.

The 1996 game, Resident Evil, players on the edge of their seats with this horror-based game. Aside from the zombie topic and gore, the game often used scare tactics, such as loud noises breaking the silence and enemies attacking from unexpected places. It was hard to play the game alone at night.


What simulation game allows the player to design and maintain a virtual city?

SimCity is a city builder simulation game that was first released in 1989. The game play allows the player to be mayor of a virtual city, making zoning, budgeting, and infrastructure decisions for the betterment of the citizens known as Sims.


What controversial video game allows the player to commit crimes, such as stealing cars and eluding police?

Grand Theft Auto brings the player up through the criminal underworld. Unlike most games, you get to play as the bad guy, wreacking havoc on the city with illegal crime sprees and, like the title, stealing cars. It wasn't long before the game was protested for corrupting the minds of children.


What first-person shooter video game puts your player in the midst of World War II and beyond into modern warfare?

Primarily set during World War II, Call of Duty offers a first-person point of view for this playable soldier. Later games focus more in the modern era with new technologies and modern military equipment. Online multiplayer capabilities increased the game's popularity.


What blocky game features a seemingly endless world where you mine for supplies for building and survival?

In Minecraft, the goal is to explore and gather resources for crafting and battling enemies called Mobs. The game is known for its simple, blocky graphics and also for a very large world. The possibilities of what you can build are almost endless, provided you have collected the materials you need.


This game comes with a unique-shaped controller and allows the player to "play" songs by matching notes to the colored controller buttons.

Guitar Hero won popularity by allowing players to play over real music tracks. It was mostly a game of coordination, as the player must match the musical notes on the screen with the buttons on the guitar controller. The game led to other similar games with controller creations, such as a drum set and a microphone, so you could have your own virtual band.


In which game do you play as Master Chief in an interstellar war between humanity and the Covenant?

Halo is a science-fiction first-person shooter game. The setting is in the midst of an interstellar war and battle between humanity and the Covenant, an alliance of aliens. The title, Halo, refers to the halo ring superstructures constructed in space as a superweapon.


What game is set in the Wumpa Islands of Australia, where you play an animated marsupial, collect Wumpa fruit, and set out to defeat your foe, Dr. Neo Cortex?

Crash Bandicoot is a video game similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, where you play as an animal character; in this case, an Australian bandicoot named Crash. You must defeat Dr. Neo Cortex, the original scientist who created Crash, before he conquers the world.


What American football video game is named after a Hall of Famer and has influenced many players and coaches?

Madden NFL, originally known as John Madden Football, was named after pro athlete John Madden. The game was widely known for its attention to detail and graphics. Real players and NFL teams were used, and the voice commentary makes the game feel like a live broadcast.


What original arcade fighting game has a reputation for blood, violence, and graphic "fatalities"?

Mortal Kombat arcade games were equipped with a joystick and five buttons for each player. Players would fight each other, one on one, using a combination of buttons to create special moves. Of course, the graphic scene happens when you defeat your opponent with a finishing move. The game demands you to "finish him."


What video game features hundreds of unique and powerful monsters that can be captured, trained, and used in battle against other trainers?

In the Pokemon universe, the player sets out as a Pokemon trainer, capturing wild Pokemon and training them to be better and effective at winning Pokemon battles. The Pokemon monsters and captured with Pokeballs, make storage and collection of Pokemon much easier. You've got to catch them all!


This video game is considered to be the first successful first-person shooter game, and features a science fiction horror theme where you must battle hordes of demons?

In Doom, you play a space marine who finds himself surrounded by demons from hell. It is one of the first games to feature first-person shooter mechanics in a 3D environment.


You choose between humans, dwarfs, orcs, or trolls to complete quests in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

In World of Warcraft, you can select what species character to be, and travel the virtual world with your friends, completing quests in this MMORPG. The game led to a massive online multiplayer community, becoming a huge success. However, the first iteration of Warcraft was actually a strategy game where you commanded an army in the war between humans and orcs.


In what arcade game could you show off your dance moves on the Dance Pad by syncing your feet to scrolling arrows?

Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, was a popular arcade game in the early 2000s. The game required coordination and actual physical activity. The goal was to step on the correct arrow on the dance pad as it scrolled across the screen. Console versions were also sold for playing the game at home.


In what game can you choose an alliance with the Brotherhood of Nod, or GDI, to command armies and collect Tiberium?

Command & Conquer games came with the option to choose what side you were on and offered campaigns for both the Brotherhood of Nod and the Global Defense Initiative. Tiberium was an alien substance that was collected for money that would buy more army units. A successful spin-off, called C&C Red Alert, was later developed with new factions: Allies vs. Soviets.


This game allows you to create your own character, assign a personality, and design a house to live in, basically creating a virtual game of life.

Following the success of SimCity, The Sims brings the lens down to an individual level. In The Sims, you play as a resident going about everyday life, from work, to cooking, to playing, and to sleeping. The unique part about the game was the customizations; you could make any person and build any house.


What educational game takes place in the early 1800s and lets the player traverse across the American plains to settle on the West Coast?

The Oregon Trail is more of a historical and educational game. In it, the player learns what it takes to survive the harsh landscape on the way to settle America's West Coast. Just please, don't die of dysentery.


In this post-apocalyptic game, you must defend against mutants and collect bottle caps as currency following a nuclear war.

In Fallout, you must survive a literal fallout following nuclear annihilation. A group of mutants has set out to make survival harder. The game gives bonus points for the hidden pop culture jokes found in game play.


Which game allows you to play as Lara Croft in search for lost artifacts?

In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft enters dangerous tombs and ruins in search of artifacts and treasure. You must solve tomb puzzles and fight enemies in this action-adventure game.


What puzzle-solving game features a device that opens a gate to teleport the player to different rooms and levels?

Using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, the player can create portals to teleport the to unreachable areas. The trick of the portal puzzle is that physics and gravity do not break between portals, meaning a player can build up speed by "falling" through several portals. This element makes the puzzles in Portal very challenging.


In this game you play as character Solid Snake, infiltrating the enemy with extreme stealth and precision.

Solid Snake is a soldier who uses stealth to infiltrate the enemy base. Metal Gear Solid puts you in control to confront the terrorists and stop the launch of a nuclear device.


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