Can you name the evolution to these 50 Pokemon?

By: Ashley Duncan

About This Quiz

Only Pokemon masters will ace this quiz!

If you know your Pokemon, you'll know their evolutions as well. Some Pokemon can even evolve more than once. It may seem like a lot to remember, but it's easier than you think! Think back to your trusty Pokedex to remember these evolutions.

Do you know which Pokemon evolves from Poocheyena? What about Charmander's evolution? Maybe you can even name the Pokemon that evolves from Mudkip? You'll need to know Pokemon of every region, type, and route. There are over 800 Pokemon, so if you've caught them all, this will be easy for you!

Who is your favorite Pokemon? Do you know their evolution? It might just appear on this quiz! Maybe you like Pokemon from the Johto region the most? Or maybe you think that Pokemon evolutions from Kanto are the best? Dark type Pokemon may just be your cup of tea? Whatever your favorite might be, you'll find it on this quiz. 

Pokemon have captured the hearts of Pokemon trainers worldwide. The only Pokemon that aren't on this quiz are the ones who don't have an evolution. So, if you're ready to prove that you're a Pokemon master, head over to this quiz and see if you know your stuff!

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