Can You Name the Engine Part With Three Clues?

By Steven on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

There are as many as 30,000 parts on a car. With the engine taking up what looks like only about one quarter of your car's mass, but most of its moving parts, naturally the densest collection of them are to be found there. In fact, some large car engines (such as Rolls Royce) have as many as 14,000 parts, but thankfully, most cars on the road have only a few hundred individual parts. We have compiled a quiz based on only 35 of those parts, and only the ones we think are crucial - however, if you have ever rebuilt an engine and found that you had a few nuts and bolts left over, you'll understand that they are all important! 

The cylinder block is the main part of the structure that's under your cars' hood, and it's what most people associate with a car engine. But the cylinder block is only one part of what makes your car the ultimate driving machine (we hope!). With hundreds of parts included in the average car engine, the layperson driver might wonder why each of them is necessary - but you're no such amateur. Take this quiz to show off your knowledge of common engine parts.

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