Can You Name the Disney Movie From an Image of a Supporting Character?

By: Kennita Leon
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"We got no troubles. Life is the bubbles, under the sea!" What would The Little Mermaid be without our favorite Jamaican crab, Sebastian? While the movie might not be made for him, he definitely left an impression! Today we're saying goodbye to the "main characters" of Disney! With all of their friends and family, can you name the Disney movie from a picture of its supporting character?

The first Walt Disney Pictures film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. While Snow White was the leading character in this film, The Prince and the dwarfs were often filling up the screen. Fast forward to Beauty and the Beast. The title is clearly made for the two main characters, but how could the story continue without Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth?

All of the Disney films had main characters that you loved, but it's the supporting characters who help guide them along the way. Could you tell the difference between Ariel's sidekick Sebastian and Mulan's dragon, Mushu? What film can you find Timon and Pumbaa singing about no worries? If you know all these answers, you're ready for this quiz! 

Move over, Disney Princesses and Princes. Today is for your supporting characters! Can you name all the Disney movies from their supporting characters? There's only one way to find out!

Hop on this magic carpet ride of a quiz!

The deadly Captain Salazar is brought to life and escapes the Devil's triangle with one goal in mind: to find and kill Jack Sparrow, who he blames for all his life's tribulations. Meanwhile, a despondent Jack Sparrow hunts for the mythical trident of Poseidon that gives its owner complete control of the seas.

When Remy, a rat, and aspiring chef, is tragically separated from his family, he finds himself at the restaurant of his idol, Auguste Gusteau. The skilled Remy eventually forms an unlikely partnership with the clumsy garbage boy Linguini, who soon becomes the owner of the restaurant. In this hilarious film, Remy is determined to succeed as a chef in a profession where rodents are unwanted.

Hiro Hamada is a nerdy robotic genius who is unfortunately thrown into the midst of a dangerous plot after an explosion at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. He activates Baymax, a robot, and together with his friends- Wasabi, HoneyLemon, Fred and Gogo, fight against the evil powers that threaten to take over the city and take credit for Hiro's macrobiotic invention.

Seventeen-year-old Andy is all grown up, preparing to leave home for college and does not need his toys anymore. They are mistakenly dumped as garbage by Andy's mom and instead climb into a donation box bound for Sunnyside Daycare. At first, they are ecstatic to be played with again; they soon learn that the toys are ruled by mean Lotso, the teddy bear. Woody, Buzz and the rest of the plan hatch up a plan that will take them away from the horrid day care and back to their beloved Andy.

Marlin, the clownfish of The Great Barrier Reef, loses his son Nemo, who has been captured by humans to be part of a dentist's aquarium. The worried father forms a friendship with an eccentric blue tang named Dory as he tries to rescue his son and return him to Sydney Harbour. The duo evades sharks and other predators while Nemo and his new tank friends think of innovative ways to escape captivity.

Scar, an evil lion, hungry to rule the Pridelands of Africa, plots to kill two other lions: his brother Mufasa who is the current ruler and Mufasa's son Simba, the only heir to the throne. After Mufasa's death, young Simba is manipulated by Scar into feeling responsible for the tragedy and so he runs away and lives in the jungle for many years until he runs into his old childhood friend. Nala, the lioness, and Rafiki, the baboon convince Simba to return to the PrideLands to claim his rightful place at the throne and to stop scar from destroying their homeland.

Tarzan is a male orphan raised by Kala an ape, since his parents were killed by Sabor the leopardess, in their makeshift treehouse near the shores of Africa. Since Kala discovered and raised him, he is unaware that he is human until the arrival of human explorers to the rainforest. Soon Tarzan falls in love with the leader's daughter, Jane and finds himself caught between the only family he has and the love of his life.

This film tells the adventures of a young Alice, who travels into a surreal world after an encounter with a talking White Rabbit on a riverbank. She discovers a fascinating world filled with anthropomorphized animals and the kingdoms they live in, before returning to her spot on the riverbank by her sister.

This romantic story film tells the story of Pocahontas, a young American Indian and the Englishman she falls in love with, Capt. John Smith. Their relationship is made complicated by the fact that Pocahontas is promised to marry a warrior and Smith only traveled to the New World with other Englishmen, in search of gold and wealth to bring back to London.

The series of events begins when the healing powers of a golden flower are discovered Mother Gothel, an evil woman, who uses it to preserve her youth. She continues to benefit from its powers until servants of the Queen of the Kingdom of Corona steal it to restore her health when she becomes very ill while pregnant.

In the city of Zootopia, every animal is segregated and live in their designated neighborhoods, such as Tundratown and Sahara Square. Judy Hopps is a bunny who has just joined the police force to achieve her dream of tackling the dregs of Zootopia. However, Judy is forced to collaborate with the cynical fox, Nick Wildie, to solve a mystery and to gain respect as the first bunny cop.

When the livelihood of the fishermen of the Polynesian village of Motunui is threatened, a daring teenager, Moana, sets out to rescue her people. She travels across the dangerous seas in search of the legendary God, Maui, to demand that he return Te Fiti's heart so that the village can prosper again.

In search of a sanctuary away from the war, four siblings are sent to the country house of a Professor Digory Kirke. What was feared to be a boring trip turns into a magical journey when Lucy discovers a unique wardrobe that leads her into the mythical world of Narnia.

The spoiled and arrogant Emperor Kuzco of the Inca Kingdom is a man who does not hesitate to punish anyone who opposes him. When he fires his advisor Yzma, her elaborate plans to kill him and seize his throne are thwarted by Kronk, and Kuzco is mistakenly transformed into a llama.

Mary Poppins, the new nanny at the Banks household, transforms the uptight home into one of adventure and fun as soon as she begins to care for the two young children, Jane and Michael. Though the children are elated to have a good-natured nanny, their wealthy high-strung father is annoyed, and Mary's job is at stake. With Bert's help (a friend), she strives to bring the children and their father closer together.

When a rebellious mermaid, Ariel, falls in love with a human prince, she defies the strict instructions of her father, King Triton, to stay underwater. The infatuated teenager, who longs to experience life on land with the prince, strikes a dangerous deal with the wicked sea witch, Ursula. The little mermaid's plans take a wrong turn, and it is up to King Triton and Prince Eric to rescue Ariel.

Lilo, a young, lonely Hawaiian girl, is thrown into the midst of an extra-terrestrial disaster when she adopts a "dog" from the local shelter, which she names Stitch. Lilo and her family are unaware that Stitch is not a dog but a product of an illegal experiment that produced a hostile creature that escaped space and landed on earth.

Wreck-It Ralph of the Fix-It Felix Jr video game, is tired of constantly being blacklisted for his antagonistic role in the game. Unable to convince his counterparts that it is simply his job, he sets out to transform himself into a hero rather than a villain. His self-serving expedition is not well received by all game members, including a secret enemy that jeopardizes the Litwak's Family Fun Center & Arcade.

In the city of Agrabah, a poor and troublesome young man falls in love with Princess Jasmine, who has already rejected suitor after suitor, provided by her wealthy father. While fulfilling the request of the Grand Vizier, Jafar, Aladdin finds a magical lamp from the Cave of Wonders with a genie inside that can grant him any three wishes.

Princess Elsa's powerful ability to change the weather from ice to snow spins out of control and transforms the kingdom of Arendelle into an eternal winter. A frustrated Elsa runs away to a lonely castle but is pursued by her sister Anna. She hopes to save the kingdom from the harsh weather and to mend her relationship with her estranged sibling.

Claude Frollo, a Minister for Justice in Notre Dame, adopts a deformed baby he names Quasimodo, after killing his mother. Many years later, Quasimodo has matured into a pleasant young man, ill-treated by Frollo and hidden in a cathedral's bell tower, with gargoyles as friends. However, when he meets and falls in love with the beautiful Esmeralda, his life quickly changes.

The 1998 film is derived from the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, and is seen as a portrayal of female empowerment. Mulan tells the story of a young girl who impersonates her father in the Chinese War, as he is too ill to return to the battlefield. Though initially inexperienced, the young Mulan is guided by Mushu the Great Stone Dragon and becomes one of the fiercest fighters in that battle.

This film tells the story of an impish young boy of Neverland- a place where children maintain their youth and never grow up. The flying Peter Pan and his fairy friend Tinkerbell befriend three young children from London and take them back to his land to experience a series of adventures with himself and his friends.

This romantic story is about a young girl named Belle of the Villeneuve village who falls in love with an ugly Beast while attempting to rescue her imprisoned father from the Beast's castle. The Beast is actually the prince of the castle, who is under an evil spell cast upon him as punishment for his arrogant nature. With Belle's love and the friendship of the servants in the castle, the arrogant beast becomes a kind human.

Bambi is a young deer exploring the wonders of the forest with his skunk friend, Flower, a rabbit named Thumper and a doe named Faline. Years after his mother is hunted down, the once-naïve Bambi has matured into a stag and learns to protect himself and those he loves from harm, eventually becoming the Great Prince of the Forest like his father.

A diligent but unlucky waitress makes the acquaintance of Prince Naveen, trapped in a frog's body, because of an evil spell cast by Dr. Facilier. When the desperate prince kisses Tiana, he transforms her into a frog also. The two fall in love as they befriend other animals in the bayou and hunt for a priestess to undo the spell.

As part of their efforts to live a normal life and to abide by the government's orders, a family of five relocate to the suburbs. The father, now known as Bob Parr, longs for his superhero days and embarks on top-secret superhero missions. Soon his wife also comes out of retirement and the entire family is propelled into action to save the world.

A lonely robot designed for waste collection, has developed human characteristics over the years and longs for a companion. When he discovers a robot named Eve, he becomes smitten and follows her on her journey that transforms him from a naïve robot to the savior of mankind

Pooh's search for honey turns into a hunt for his friend Eeyore's tail and a rescue mission for Christopher Robin, whom he mistakenly believes has been kidnapped. In this delightful children's film, Pooh and all his friends in the neighborhood embark on a journey, eager to claim the prize of honey for whichever friend that discovers a suitable replacement for the tail.

Merida is a formidable free-spirited princess who is determined make her own path by marrying whom she chooses and in her own time. Merida's persistence inspires a war between clans and strains her relationship with her mother, whom she tricked into consuming cake that transformed her into a bear. Merida must use her exceptional bravery and fighting skills to redeem herself and her interpersonal relationships.

This film shows how migrating from one city to the next greatly affected the emotions of a once happy-go-lucky Riley. She struggles to adjust to the new cramped household, lost belongings and the stress at home. In time, Riley confesses her misery to her parents but eventually adapts to the new environment that once turned her emotions inside out.

Princess Aurora, daughter of Queen Leah, was cursed at her christening by the evil witch Maleficent, destined to perish on her sixteen birthday. Three compassionate fairies present during the condemnation, are not powerful enough to break the curse but do weaken it considerably, so that she will instead, fall into a deep sleep on her 16th birthday. Years later, the evil witch strikes again and imprisons her suitor, Prince Phillip, who must kiss her awake to break the curse.

Sulley and Mike, two students at Monsters University, are expelled for fighting soon after Mike enrolls in the Scarer program. Monsters University explores their life on campus and the relationship between the two creatures that eventually develops into a strong bond.

The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town longs for adventure and a fresh start and is elated when he discovers Christmas Town. Jack Skellington is fascinated by the bright colors and joyful music and devises an elaborate plan to bring Christmas to his neighborhood. Unfortunately for Jack, his plans end in disaster in the town that is not longing for a change.

An ostracized elephant is condemned to circus life, working in a clown suit because of his unusually large ears. The life of this depressed animal changes for the better when he discovers his ears grant him a superpower: the ability to fly. His amazing talent sets him on a new path and sets the tone for his newfound popularity.

The beautiful Dalmatians Pongo and Perdita are stolen by an evil woman who goes by the name of Cruella, who wants to use their skin to make fur coats. The Dalmatians recruit the help of other dogs to escape, while their frantic owners race against time to save their precious litter of puppies.

Lewis is a child genius who becomes despondent after the machine he creates to help him to connect with his birth mother fails miserably. His streak of luck improves when he is visited by Wilbur, a man from the future who convinces him that a bowler hat is responsible for the machine's failure. Together, the duo travel into space where Lewis meets his family and rediscovers his invention that he must fix to save the future.

A pack of lemurs raises a baby dinosaur whose family has been killed in the attack on Iguanodon. Many years later, fate strikes again, destroying the lemurs' home, forcing them to flee. While traveling with Aladar, they meet some other dinosaurs along the way and together, begin their long and difficult journey to Nesting Grounds.

This film follows the search for the mysterious empire of the Atlantic by a naïve explorer named Mio and the daring group he joins forces with for the hunt. Though they are later on joined by a billionaire, young Milo is determined to fulfill the expedition his grandfather started so many years ago.

Chicken Little has strange encounters that he is unable to explain to others, and it results in him being shunned by residents of the Oakey Oaks town. Soon, he discovers evidence of an imminent alien invasion, and it is up to him to convince the people and save the day.

Kenai is a hunter who developed a great dislike for bears after the death of his brother Sitka, as a result of a bear attack. He avenges his brother's death by killing the bear and is transformed into one as his punishment. Kenai then begins his expedition to the Northern Lights along with a younger bear Koda, as this is the only way he can return to his human form.

This sequel to the 1940's release of Fantasia, is a more sophisticated version of the first film that features classical music and animation. It begins with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and continues with animations that are in sync with each piece of music. Fantasia 2000 was ranked number 11 at the box office and grossed $90,874,57 worldwide.

This animated version of Treasure Island has a Disney spin that explores the world beyond planet Earth. It follows the story of a troubled teenager who escaped Earth and travels on a space vessel in search of fortune with his friend John Silver. Together they fight against the mystical wonders of the universe, and young John learns some key principles about friendship.

Maleficent is a film inspired by Disney's 1959 Sleeping Beauty, but is narrated from the antagonist's perspective. Maleficent was a stunning young woman made bitter by the betrayal that propelled her into cursing an infant child, Aurora. She condemns her into a deep sleep that she will fall into on her sixteenth birthday and will only awake when kissed by her true love. Maleficent realizes that Aurora holds the key to the kingdom, then tries desperately to revoke the curse she set many years ago.

Hercules, a half-man half-god, who has lived on Earth throughout his entire life, soon discovers his that he is the son of the Greek God Zeus. With the help of his friends, Pegasus and his trainer Phil, Hercules nurtures his superpower to become a formidable hero. However, he must first rescue the love of his life, Meg and fight against a number of evil creatures before he can return to Mount Olympus where he was born.

This 2001 Japanese film narrates the adventures of a 10-year-old girl after her parents wander into a magical amusement park and are transformed into pigs. The young girl wishes to rescue her parents but must first overcome the supernatural forces threatening to capture her forever.

An elderly salesman finally embarks upon his lifelong dream of visiting Paradise Falls, with the help of a young boy called Russel and hundreds of balloons. Their exciting adventure leads them to the discovery of talking animals and Carl's idol, Charles Muntz. Soon, the pair discovers that not everyone is as pleasant as they seem.

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