Can You Name the Disney Character From an Image?

By: Khadija Leon
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With over 500 Disney movies made to date, it can be hard to identify some of the characters. Test your knowledge to see how many you can get right in this cool quiz.

Released in 2016, Moana is a movie about a teenage girl who is the only daughter of the village chief, and as such has many responsibilities, one of which is to lead her island when she comes of age. Despite that, she has a greater calling to save her people and their island from destruction, along with the help of Maui, the demigod.

Like most Disney villains, the need for power and authority is what drives them to do evil things. In "The Lion King," Scar is the antagonist of both King Mufasa (his brother) and Simba (his nephew). After killing his brother by luring him into a stampede, he next sets his sights on the young cub, Simba.

A very long time ago, there was a street urchin named Aladdin who lived in the city of Agrabah. After being arrested, he is approached by a seemingly old man who sends him on a mission to recover a magic lamp. After being given three wishes, Aladdin uses them to better himself and the lives of the people around him.

Most of us have wondered if our toys came to life when we were away, and for Andy, this is what happened every time he left his home. In "Toy Story," we meet Woody, a kind-hearted cowboy, who sees himself as Andy’s favorite toy but is concerned about his position after the arrival of new action figure Buzz Lightyear.

Voiced by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, Dory is a cheerful and curious blue tang fish who sufferers from severe memory loss. The only thing that she remembers is being separated from her family when she was a child. After stumbling into Marlin, she accompanies him on his mission to find his son.

Tiana is an extremely hard-working and determined woman who one day hopes to open the finest restaurants in all of New Orleans. That, however, is put on hold when she meets Prince Naveen, who has been turned into a frog by the evil Dr. Facilier.

When the wicked Monseigneur Claude Frollo locks Quasimodo away in the Cathedral Tower, he only has three gargoyles which come to life to keep him company. Victor, Hugo, and Laverne help raise the hunchback and often encourage him to go out and explore the city.

Ariel is a 16-year-old mermaid princess who is obsessed with life on land. Against the rules set by her father, she visits the surface where she meets and falls in love with a human prince named Eric. Desperate to meet him, she strikes a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula to become a human for a few days.

Stand aside Frosty, because there’s another snowman in town. He is caring, lovable, innocent, and he dreams of what it would be like experience summer heat. Olaf was built by Anna and Elsa when they were just kids, but he remained inanimate until Elsa began to sing Let It Go.

After being confined to the underworld for many years, Hades plans to overthrow his brother, Zeus, and the rest of the Gods by freeing the Titans. He learns from the Fates that Hercules will be able to beat him, so he sends his minions to kidnap him and turn him into a mortal.

Disney first released its version of "Cinderella" in February 1950 and a real-life version in 2015. We follow the sweet girl, who after the death of her father, is forced to be a servant to her stepmother and stepsisters until she meets her fairy godmother, who changes her life in just one night.

We first meet the feisty little fairy named Tinkerbell in 1904 in J.M. Barrie’s play, "Peter Pan." It was only in 1953 when Walt Disney turned it into an animated film that she, along with the rest of cast, gained worldwide fame.

Fearing that her sick father will be called upon to join the Chinese military, Mulan volunteers to join the army in his place but she has to go under the disguise of a man. Accompanied by a little dragon named Mushu, Mulan discovers just how brave she really is.

After journeying to the New World with his crew, John Smith hoped to make many new discoveries which he could bring back to England. After meeting a Native American woman, he fell in love with her despite the disapproval of both his crew and her father.

Eric is an 18-year-old prince who loves being out on the open ocean but one day, after his ship was destroyed by a terrible storm, a mermaid princess named Ariel rescued him from drowning. When he wakes up on a beach, he can’t tell if it was a dream or if he actually met this mystery lady.

Piglet is the timid and anxious friend of Winnie the Pooh and he first appeared in an animated short in 1968 called "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day." Although he scares easily, he has made several attempts to try to conquer his fears.

Gaston is the main antagonist of Disney’s 1991 classic, "Beauty and the Beast." Unlike many other villains, he’s not searching for power, but for Belle’s hand in marriage. This obsession turns the arrogant hunter into a ruthless villain, willing to do whatever it takes to marry her.

Vanellope Von Schweetz is the main character of a video game called Sugar Rush in Disney’s 2012 hit, "Wreck-it Ralph." Her game was hijacked by the terrible Turbo, who turned himself into a king and tried to delete Vanellope’s code, but ended up turning her into a glitch instead.

Gepetto is a woodworker who is very lonely and after seeing a falling star, wishes that the puppet he just created becomes a real boy. Later that night, the blue fairy grants his wish and asks Jiminy Cricket to accompany Pinocchio and to act as his conscience.

In the movie, "Tangled," Pascal is Rapunzel’s oldest and only friend. After she saved him from a poisonous snake bite when they were both children, he stayed with her up in the tower and hid when Mother Gothel came to visit. As a friend, he is very affectionate and encouraging towards her as well as being extremely protective.

Although his size can be very intimidating, Baloo wouldn’t hurt a bee. In fact, he’s probably scared of them. We first met this fun-loving and laid-back bear, along with Mowgli and the rest of the gang, in Disney’s 1967 animated film, The Jungle Book."

The mighty Zeus describes Pegasus as “a magnificent horse with the brain of a bird”, but he is much more than that. He is brave, protective and always willing to help out a friend in need. Although he can be very petty, there is no other animal that anyone would like to have by their side, especially in battle.

Not only is Merida the first Scottish princess, she is also the first Disney and Pixar princess. Much like Mulan and Pocahontas, she is brave, headstrong and extremely smart. Out of all of the princesses, she is the most rebellious and at times, very stubborn.

In "Monsters University," we learned about how these two pals met, and how they got the jobs they now have. Sullivan is one of the top scarers in the company and Mike is his scare assistant. Together they work at the largest scare factory in the world, Monsters, Inc.

After the death of his wife and best friend Ellie, Carl Fredricksen is a 78-year-old salesman who is determined to fulfill his and his late wife’s lifelong dream of traveling to South America. After planning to make the long trip by attaching helium-filled balloons to the house, he is blissfully unaware of a stowaway named Russell.

This grumpy little Jamaican crab was first seen in "The Little Mermaid" in the late '80s. Back then he was tasked with the job of keeping an eye on the youngest princess ,Ariel, as well as being the court composer for King Triton. While he can be very short tempered when it comes to Ariel and Flounder, he cares very deeply for them.

Lumiere was the maitre’d of Prince Adam’s (the beast’s) castle but once the enchantress’s curse took over the palace, he was turned into a candelabra, while the other staff were turned into various household objects. Lumiere has always been very charming, funny and he is hopeful that the prince will one day find love and break the curse.

Lady Tremaine has paved the way for evil stepmothers around the world. After the death of her husband, and Cinderella’s father, instead of comforting her, she decided to make her the house servant due to her jealousy of Cinderella’s beauty, kindness, and charisma.

We’ve seen many Disney sidekicks throughout the years, but perhaps the ones who stand out in our minds the most are Timon and Pumbaa from "The Lion King." This likable duo live their lives by the motto “Hakuna Matata” which means No Worries as they can’t be bothered by the stresses of day-to-day life.

"Tangled" was one of Disney’s first 3D computer animated movies and was based on the German fairy tale, Rapunzel. The movie tells the story of a young princess with long magical hair who was kidnapped from her parents and locked in a secluded tower by Mother Gothel.

We’ve all seen movies about wicked kings and queens, but no one fits this role as best as the Queen of Hearts from the movie, "Alice in Wonderland." Not only is she bad-tempered, impatient and easily annoyed, she is also quick to behead people she dislikes.

Maleficent is a powerful fairy who as a young girl, fell in love with a human named Stefan who later betrayed her by cutting off her wings when they were older. To return the favor, she appears at the now King Stefan’s newborn daughter’s christening and curses her to an eternal sleep on her 16th birthday.

Queen Elsa was loosely based on a character from a Hans Christian Andersen Danish fairytale, “The Snow Queen.” In the movie, she is the heir to the throne of the kingdom of Arendell and she has the ability to create and change snow, a power which she is yet to fully embrace.

Davy Jones is the captain of the Flying Dutchman and appeared in "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End" and as a brief silhouette at the end of "Dead Men Tell No Tales." He holds a locket that plays a very distinctive tune which he often plays on his pipe organ.

Mostly remembered because of Johnny Depp’s portrayal in the 2010 version of "Alice in Wonderland," we watch this kind and eccentric character help Alice to remember who she is and perform his world famous Futterwacken dance. Lewis Carol never referred to the character as the Mad Hatter but we can tell that it came from the phrase “mad as a hatter."

Loosely based on a character from a tale featured in the One Thousand and One Nights stories, this princess is well respected but desires much more than the confines of her palace. As the daughter of the Sultan, she must marry a prince, whether she wants too or not, in order to fulfill her duties.

Snow White is known throughout as being the most beautiful young lady in the land, which was confirmed by the magic mirror. Because of that, her stepmother (the Evil Queen) is extremely jealous of her and wants nothing more than for her to disappear, permanently. With the help of a kind huntsman and some pleasant dwarfs, she meets the man of her dreams.

Donald Duck was created in 1934, and along with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy, is one of the most iconic Disney animals. He has also appeared in more movies and comic books than any other Disney character, including the legendary Mickey Mouse.

Whether or not you’ve seen the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, you have to have heard of Jack Sparrow. As a captain of the Black Pearl, Jack along with his crew, sails the seven seas searching for legendary treasures and gold, while avoiding the long list of enemies that he has made.

Almost 20 years after Felix Salten wrote the book about the little white-tailed deer, Disney transformed it into an animated film. Bambi is supposed to take over from the role of Great Prince of the Forest from his father once he comes of age. His job would then be to guard the animals against hunters.

Almost 100 years after "Alice in Wonderland" was written by Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney Productions took the popular book to the big screen, first in 1951 as an animated film, and then in 2010 with real-life characters. We meet Alice who accidentally falls down a rabbit hole and finds herself in the magical world of Wonderland.

Equipped with her magic wand, The Fairy Godmother can conjure up anything out of everyday items. She transformed a pumpkin into a carriage, four mice into horses, a horse into a coachman, Bruno, the dog, into a footman and Cinderella’s tattered dress into a beautiful ball gown which was accompanied by a pair of glass slippers.

Joy is one of five major emotions in the mind of little Riley Andersen. On her first day of school, just after her family moves to San Francisco, Joy and Sadness get out of headquarters and it is up to the rest of her emotions, (Anger, Disgust and Fear), to make her happy again.

Wall-e is a trash compactor who was left behind on planet Earth to clean one of its many filthy and abandoned cities. When a probe named EVE is sent to Earth, he quickly falls in love with her, and soon the robots are headed into space to let the people of the Axiom know that life on the planet is sustainable once more.

The Duchess is a white Turkish Angora cat who is mother to Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. As the pet of an aristocrat, she exudes elegance, grace and she wears a gold collar studded with diamonds. She also loves music, so much so that she teaches her three kittens to sing and play the piano.

While Esmeralda is independent and cunning, she is also selfless, and she was the only person to show Quasimodo an ounce of kindness. This beautiful Romanian gypsy was the object of affection of many men, some of which include the hunchback, Quasimodo, the love of her life, Phoebus, and even judge Claude Frollo.

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