Can You Name the Decades These Famous Photos Are From?

By Bri O. on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

Photography, to capture a moment in time or tell a tale, began in 1826 or 1827. At least that's the earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera in France. Although photos were found since that date, photography became popular in the United States once the first camera, call the "Kodak" could be purchased in 1888. Cameras were used to visually record family history and important moments in the birth of our nation. 

Our history is full of conflicts, victories, courage and morally questionable ethics. From "Cotton Mill Girl," photographed in an effort to document the grim reality of child labor, to the famous photo titled "Muhammad Ali v. Sonny Liston" which captures the victorious moment just after Ali knocked out Liston, the power of a single image is undeniable. Then there are other reminders of our historic landscape where photos captured the beauty of Yellowstone, as well as the plight of the Native American Indians. 

Just look at the subject of the photo, that should give you the biggest hint as to the decade it was photographed. However, angles, color or black and white, and clothing will also provide other clues to the situation and decade. Take this quiz now and relive history through photos. 

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