Can You Name the Car From Its Distinguishing Feature?

By Steven Symes on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Do you remember the DeLorean DMC-12? Who could forget those batwing doors? If you don't remember the model off of the top of your head, the DMC-12 was the car used in the cult classic film, Back to the Future. Most people didn't even bother with the model name and number, because the DMC-12 was the only vehicle ever made by the DeLorean Motor Company. Because of this, most people simply call these cars a DeLorean. Yet, the DeLorean was definitely distinguishable from other cars of the early '80s (it was manufactured only from 1981 to 1983), with brushed aluminum body parts in addition to the doors that opened upward. Unfortunately, for John DeLorean, the car's maker, fewer than 10,000 DeLoreans ever made it to market, and the company was liquidated a few years later. There have been some rumblings in recent years that new DeLoreans were going to hit the market, but we have yet to see any actual time machines on the road.

From this to many other famous cars, a single feature is often enough to recognize the car itself - assuming, of course, that you are a car aficionado, Do you remember every iconic feature of every car ever made? If so, let's get started.

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