Can You Name the Car Featured in These Hit Songs?

By Steven Symes on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a car and music nut? Do you keep a playlist of driving songs ready to go on your phone? 

If you do, there are plenty of good ones from which to choose. After all, Americans love their cars, and it shows in the songs we've popularized. These tunes run the range of genres, including rock and roll, rap, blues, country, pop, and more. People of all walks of life like to reference how much they enjoy a specific vehicle, an experience they had while driving their car, or other things tied to a vehicle. Some songs just talk about traveling by car and the emotions involved with that journey. 

While plenty of songs that reference cars or driving don't name a specific vehicle, many do. Then, there are songs where if you really listen closely, the lyrics drop enough hints that anyone who knows cars can figure out exactly what kind of vehicle is being sung about. You can have a lot of fun digging through song lyrics to figure these mysteries out. 

Just how much do you know about popular car-related songs? Test your knowledge now with this quiz! 

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