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When you think of shapes and elementary school, does your mind go to that red plastic box with different-shaped openings -- where the child has to find the right shape and match it to the right slot? Well, those kids are in elementary school now and are required to know much more, like quadrilaterals, octagons, and parallelograms to name a few. If just remembering these shapes stretch your brain, then good! This quiz is for you. It's to remind you of what you learned when you were young, and is designed to keep your brain in tip-top shape. 

Of course, these shapes always had importance in geometry. The shape would tell you information on the length of the sides or whether it was a 90-degree angle or another angle. And of course, it allowed you to deconstruct a shape (into a square and triangle, for example) to help calculate areas that had unknown dimensions. Do you recall the difference between an Equilateral Triangle and a Right Triangle? Here's your opportunity to test your skill and remember it all. If you find today's youth are smarter than you, don't worry, it's just the shape of things to come. Go ahead, and take the quiz now. 


Which shape is shown here?

A cube is a three-dimensional box shape which is symmetrical and consists of six equal box shapes, all with the same length sides and the same internal and external angles.

What shape is this?

This type of triangle has three equal length sides and three equal angles that add up to 180 degrees. Each of the three angles must, therefore, be 60 degrees.

What is this shape called?

A pentagon is a two-dimension figure with five equal straight sides and five equal internal angles. The angles, when added up, will equal 540 degrees.

What's the name of this one?

Also known as a right-angled triangle, this triangle will always have two sides forming a 90 degree angle. The other two can be anything else, but together will always make the other 90 degrees.

How about this one?

Both regular and irregular octagons have eight sides. Unlike a regular octagon where the sides are all equal length, an irregular octagon features irregular sides and angles. The angles, however, will always add up to 1080 degrees.

What do you call this one?

A hexagon is a six-sided figure with equal sides. The angles inside are each 120 degrees, adding up to a total of 720 degrees. Of course, thats a perfect hexagon. Sides can be of different lengths and angles can change, but they will always add up to 720 degrees.

Which shape is shown here?

This two-dimensional shape has opposite sides of equal length. All four internal angle are 90 degrees, adding up to 360 degree in total. To find the area of a rectangle, all you need to do is multiply its width by its height.

Ooh, how about this one?

A two-dimensional shape that is thinner at the ends where it curves than its middle section. It is often used to describe the moon, but is also found in religion, particularly Islam.

What's the name of this shape?

An ellipse is like a circle but differs in the fact that it looks like it has been slightly squished. A circle is considered to be an ellipse.

What would you call this shape?

A parallelogram is a four-sided figure where the two opposite side are parallel. For instance, a square, a rhombus and a rectangle, although all different, are parallelograms.

Which shape is this?

This three-dimensional shape consists of a circular base. It has a curved surface that reaches up to form a tip. This is known as the apex of the cone.

Which shape is shown here?

A triangular prism is a three-dimensional object. It consists of three sides that are shaped as rectangles and two bases in the shape of triangles.

What shape is this?

A sphere is a three-dimensional object that is perfectly round or symmetrical. This means that all points on the surface of the sphere are exactly the same distance from its center.

What would you call this one?

This quadrilateral has two sides that run parallel to each other. These are often referred to as the bases. The other two sides are not parallel and are called the legs. The distance between the two parallel sides is called the altitude.

And what about this one?

An eight-sided polygon, an octagon in its regular form includes eight equal sides forming eight equal internal angles. If it is an irregular octagon, one or more angles will not be equal.

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