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North America is the home of some very special flowers. Do you think you know them well enough to identify them from a picture? Not many can. Can you?

Camellia blooms in a variation of colors, including pink, white and deep crimson. It is the state flower of Alabama and is also known as Japanese Camellia or Rose of Winter.

It gets its name from the city of Laurel, Mississippi. Natural to the eastern United States, this flower comes from the heather family.

This flower has between 525 to 600 classes and is usually found in the northern hemisphere. It is generally heart shaped and has scalloped leaves.

Native to Europe, Asia and Western North America. Peonies draw ants because of the nectar that forms outside of the flower buds.

This woody plant is found mainly in Asia. It is the national flower of Nepal. The flower is considered edible and has a sour taste.

A flowering plant native to Mexico and the eastern part of North America. In the past, this plant was used in the making of scarlet dyes and inks. Its dense wood was used for mallets and butcher blocks.

It is native to the Northern hemisphere of the United States. Other species of this plant are normally known as crabapple or wild apple.

Insects like bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds are enticed by the Yellow Elder. A native flower of U.S. Virgin Islands, this yellow flowering shrub is from the trumpet vine family.

This plant is native to Mexico and the Southeastern half of the United States. It yields white berries but, if ingested, can cause intestinal irritation and diarrhea.

This herbaceous flowering plant is native to Europe, Africa and western parts of Asia. However, it has been introduced in other regions. The Red Clover is the state flower of Vermont.

This flowering plant takes its name from the Greek word meaning rainbow. Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. The roots of the iris flower are used to improve the quality of water.

This fast-growing, long-lasting vine has intricate flowers and a bold style. It is an easily cultivated plant that is said to support relief of anxiety disorders.

There are over 100 species of this perennial flowering plant. The flower head has numerous colors and shapes, ranging from red to white. The stems of the rose are loaded with prickles.

Has been cultivated as a decorative flower. It grows in Germany, Italy, France and North America. It can be described as an aggressive species.

A part of the sunflower family, this North American plant is also known as giant goldenrod and tall goldenrod. It often grows in clusters and has small yellow flower heads by the hundreds.

Named after French botanist Pierre Magnol, the petals of this flower are very strong to avoid being damaged by beetles. It is the state flower of Mississippi.

This edible flower is described as having an overripe apple flavor. The hawthorn provides food and shelter for numerous species of birds and mammals. it is the flower of the state of Missouri.

This low-spreading shrub is commonly found in Florida and Kentucky. This aromatic flower species is pink and fades to a pale white.

Grown for the production of edible oil and edible fruit, it is also used for bird food. The name sunflower comes from the resemblance that the flower head bears to the sun.

Peach blossoms accompany the Peach fruit. The pink flowers that the plant produces blossom in early spring. It is the state flower of Delaware.

This flower grows well in Alaska, flowering mostly during mid-summer. It thrives in open rocky places. It's sometimes called alpine forget-me-not because of the high elevations at which it is able to grow.e

A permeable species that grows over 40 feet tall. It is the state flower of Arizona. The white flowers appear April through June; they open during sunset and close mid-afternoon.

This flower is native to Montana. It has five petals, five sepals and an ovary. It varies in color from blue to pinkish yellow.

This dark pink hybrid rose was developed by Henri Ledechaux in France. It has up to 50 petals which are cup shaped. It represents the District of Columbia.

This flowering plant differs in height. It is an attractive flower which usually has a bright yellow flower head. This flower is known to yield nectar specifically for caterpillars.

The state flower of Washington, it is an evergreen shrub. It grows 2 to 9 meters tall and has five lobes. It is usually pink but other colors occur.

A perennial plant with a variety of names, it grows up to 1 meter in height. This species is most widespread June to September.

It is normally referred to as the common blue violet. Native to North America, this perennial plant functions as food for a number of animals, including rabbits, caterpillars, wild turkeys and deer.

A bulbous perennial plant which is extensive in the western hemisphere of the United States. The leaves of this plant are linear and the flower head produces three white petals.

The state flower of Texas gets its name for its similarity to bonnets worn by pioneer women. The Bluebonnet blooms in the springtime.

A bell shaped flower that has ornamental appeal because of its finely divided petals, this herbaceous plant grows in fields in North America, Asia and Europe.

These flowers accompany oranges and are usually white. The Orange blossom is the state flower of Florida.

A species of flowering plant native to North America, most common in diverse upland forests. It has three white petals and blooms from late spring to early summer.

This flower was used as a topical treatment for headaches, tonsillitis, measles and esophagitis. However, it is deadly when consumed.

A low-growing legume that is planted to control soil erosion. This vine can be found in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. It produces pink flowers and spreads aggressively.

Similar in appearance to the hibiscus flower, this plant flourishes in Puerto Rico. It grows no larger than 20 meters.

Part of the sunflower family, this short-lived yearly flowering plant is native to Arizona, Florida and Mexico. It is also known as Firewheel or Sundance.

A flowering plant native to Mexico and the United States, it serves as an ornamental plant. The official state flower of California, its seeds are utilized in cooking and the poppy leaves can be used medicinally.

This flower prospers in dry and hot parts of the Caribbean and North America. It is notable for its sword-shaped leaves. It is the state flower of New Mexico.

This extraordinary orchid grows in North America. It grows in wetlands and open swamps, often grows in clumps and prefers loose soil.

This native North American perennial herb grows in low to moderate grasslands and heights. Producing a single pinkish flower, in the past this plant was consumed by members of Indian tribes.

A flowering plant found in Central America, the Caribbean and Brazil. The scent of the plumeria is prevalent during the night so that it can be pollinated by the sphinx moths.

A symbol of love, the carnation flower is a sweet-smelling herbaceous perennial plant. Carnations are often worn on special occasions. These flowers represent the state of Ohio.

A flowering plant from the sunflower family, located in eastern and central parts of North America. It is the state flower of Maryland and is a symbol of justice.

The state flower to both Iowa and North Dakota, the wild prairie rose flourishes between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians.

This flower usually emerges among other plants. It is a deciduous shrub which is native to North America. Although it is extensive, it is not common.

This white perfumed rose is the state flower of Georgia. However, it is invasive in the Unites States. Described as a climbing shrub with pure white petals and yellow stamens.

It comes in a variation of colors and has a thorny pubertal stem. A flowering plant that grows as a woody vine or shrub. It has heart-shaped leaves. The Bougainvillea is the state flower of Guam.

The yellow Hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. This plant has a number of types and is an ornamental plant. It is also very prevalent in the Caribbean islands.

A type of flowering plant found in the Southeastern United States, it is a shrub that grows to about 8 meters.

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