Can You Name All of These Electrician Tools?

By Bambi Turner on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Everyone thinks they are an electrician, right up until they try to turn on the living room lights only to hear the garbage disposal begin churning. How well do you think you know the tools of an electrician? From a screwdriver to a reciprocating saw, these tools prove that being an electrician is more than switches and wires. They need to combine the role of electrical expert with that of woodworker, drywaller and sometimes even plumber.

We'll stick to the basics here. Do you know the difference between a wire stripper and needle nose pliers? Do you think you can use them for the same task? It might not be as safe as you think.! Channel locks and conduit benders can come in handy when you need one, but do you think you'd be able to identify one of these tools? You probably know what a screwdriver looks like and doubtless even a set of Allen keys - but, how well will you do with sizes and shapes of each? Do you think a flat-head screwdriver can be used as a chisel, scraper or pry bar? That type of thinking is can land you in the hospital. 

Curious about being an electrician? Take this quiz to see if you're well on your way... or if you should just hire someone. 

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