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"Little red Corvette. Baby, you're much too fast!" When it comes to vehicles, everyone wants a shiny, fast, expensive car! From a Maserati to a Bugatti, can you name all these dream vehicles that you wish you could drive?

The first true car was built by German inventor Karl Benz in 1885. I bet you know which car brand was named for him! Since then, cars have spread all around the world with a growing list of of sensible cars and dream cars. While everyone usually winds up with a sensible one for their family, everyone has that dream car that is forever stuck in their mind. Could you recognize them?

France is known for its desirable Citroen. German cars probably have you drooling over Porsche. A trip over to Italy might make your dream head explode with either a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati. Do you covet the UK's Aston Martin or Bentley? Are you dreaming about the United States' own Pontiac Firebird? 

These are some of the most desirable cars ever made. Did you want one of these or did you prefer military jets like the Nighthawk? Let us take a peek at the vehicles of your dreams! With the peek we give you, could you name all these dream vehicles? There's only one way to find out!

Put on those seatbelts and zoom right into this quiz!

The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk was the first American aircraft to utilize stealth technology. It entered service in 1983 but was only made public in 1988. The Nighthawk saw extensive action during the first Gulf War, flying over 1,300 missions. Although utilizing stealth technology, a Nighthawk was lost to a surface-to-air missile over Yugoslavia in 1999.

The Firebird was conceived as a competitor to the Mustang, aimed at the Pony Car market. It was known for the striking Firebird hood decal that looked like Quetzalcoatl.

The M1117 Armored Security Vehicle, or Guardian as it is known, offers more protection than the Humvee, backed with excellent firepower in the form of a grenade launcher and heavy machine gun. It features modular expandable outer armor which helps improve crew survivability, especially in an urban warfare situation where roadside improvised exploded devices (IED) are the norm. It has seen service in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Testarossa's unmistakable silhouette, with the side "strakes" looking a bit like a cheese grater, served a purpose. The dual radiators were in back with the engine, so the strakes were needed to keep airflow to them.

Designed as a carrier-based fighter and entering service in mid-1945, the Grumman F8F Bearcat saw no action during World War II. The war came to an end before it could be deployed in any large numbers.

Special Operations Craft Riverine are used by U.S. Special Forces, including SEAL teams. They are designed to operate along coastal areas and on rivers. An example of such a boat is the Anaconda. It is capable of speeds of up to 50 knots and is extremely agile. It can transport up to 14 troops.

Used by the United States Special Forces, the Lightweight Tactical All Terrain Vehicle (LTATV) carries two crew in a side by side configuration. It has a number of advantages. It is easily transported, highly maneuverable, has four wheel drive and capable of handling a range of terrains. A slightly larger version, which carries four crew is also available. Armament wise, the LTATV has both machine gun and grenade launcher hard points. This vehicle has been used extensively in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This car was one of the most recognizable high-end sports coupes of the '70s. In a famous Car and Driver article, humorist P.J. O'Rourke and Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner drove the car from coast to coast, having misadventures along the way.

Named after former Army Chief of Staff General Creighton W. Abrams, the M1 entered service in 1979 and is still in production today. It has seen extensive combat action, firstly in the 1991 Gulf War, as well as in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 8,000 have been produced for the United States and its allies. It has a maximum speed of 42 mph and a range of 265 miles. Armament comes in the form of a 105mm rifled main gun as well as three machine guns of varying calibers.

This sporty two-seater is a bargain by German luxury car standards, coming in just below $90K. For that, you'll get more than 400 horsepower and plenty of second looks.

Landing craft in the U.S. Navy during World War II came in two main variants - Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) and Landing Craft Mechanized (LCM). LCI's are all about getting troops to shore quickly and efficiently, while LCM's do the same for heavy machinery, such as tanks, at designated landing points.

A two-seat, variable swept-wing, carried-based fighter in the U.S. Navy, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat began service in 1974 and continued in a front line role ​until 2006. F-14's have seen extensive action, both with the US Navy as well as the Iranian Air Force who received an order of Tomcats in 1976.

The first bulldozer model was developed in the 1920s, drawing on the tractor for inspiration in creating it. The bulldozer is typically used to move large amounts of material, like dirt or sand.

Aston Martin will forever be known as the chosen car of James Bond in the early days. This $300,000 muscle car is a far cry from Bond's wheels, but it doesn't have machine guns or an ejector seat.

Classified as an armored fighting vehicle, the Navistar International MaxxPro is capable of withstanding small arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades and roadside bombs. It is in service with a range of armed forces throughout the world. Armament includes a range of options such as a 7.62mm or 12.7mm machine guns or 40 mm grenade launcher.

The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, or "Jug" as it was affectionately known by its pilots, was a very versatile aircraft. From escorting bombers over Germany to ground attack missions, the Jug could do it all. It was a massive piece of machinery - when fully loaded with weapons and fuel, it weighed around 8 tons.

The Viper is Dodge's bid to compete with the high-end Italian sports cars. It's hand-crafted, perfectly rounded and comes in at less than $90K, a bargain!

Designed as a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, the Kamaz Typhoon is employed in a number of roles. These include surveillance, command, medical evacuation and reconnaissance, to name a few. The standard version is protected by a remote controlled PKT machine guns.

PT Boats were used by the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II. They were quick and maneuverable, carrying both machine guns and torpedoes as armament. PT Boats were built out of wood, making them cheap to manufacture. Interestingly, John F Kennedy commanded one of these boats -- PT 109 -- when he served during the war.

Rocks that are too big to be broken up by a smaller crusher machine are put through machines known as rock breakers. This piece of construction equipment is most often used by miners.

ATMOS or Autonomous Truck Mounted Howitzer System is a self-propelled 155mm gun developed in Israel for the export market. It is crewed by four to six men and can fire nine rounds a minute. The ATMOS currently serves with the Thai military.

The McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet is essentially a carrier-based aircraft with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. It was the first aircraft to make use of carbon fiber wings as well as fly-by-wire avionics. The Hornet first saw action in the 1991 Gulf War in both ground attack and air superiority roles.

With roots dating back to the 19th century, excavators can be used for everything from home landscaping to large scale construction. Its main use is to dig or scoop out material. The first hydraulic excavators were used in the 20th century.

With the help of Ukraine and based on the Chinese Type 59 series tank, Pakistan started development of the Al-Zarrar in 1990, with the first tanks reaching the Pakistan army in 2004. Although the Type 59 remains the base, there were 54 modifications made to it to produce the Al-Zarrar design. The main armament of this battle tank takes the form of a 125mm smoothbore gun, capable of firing the Naiza, a depleted uranium shell developed in Pakistan.

The Carrera GT is the car that Paul Walker of "Fast and Furious" fame was in when he was involved in a fatal crash. With a rear spoiler and an engine that produces north of 600 hp, it's eye candy for those with the money to get one.

The Ancient Greeks are credited with inventing the first model of the crane, which was operated by human and animal strength, rather than by engines, motors, or hydraulic systems. The crane differs from a hoist in that it can move heavy materials both vertically and horizontally , whereas the hoist can only lift materials vertically.

The Boeing P-26 Peashooter was the first American design to be constructed totally out of metal. Although it was designed as a fighter, it was out of date by the time America entered the war.

Backhoe loaders are smaller and more precise than other machinery serving similar purposes, which makes them most suitable for urban areas, where there is limited space available for construction activities. The first backhoe was produced by Wain-Roy Corporation in 1947, and the first hydraulic backhoe was sold in 1948.

Entering service in 2011, the BTR-4, sometimes called the Bucefal, is built in Ukraine. Bucefals saw extensive action during the Ukrainian conflict in 2014. The vehicle is armed with a 30mm main gun (360 rounds), as well as an optional grenade launcher and a 7.62mm machine gun. It is crewed by a complement of 3 and can carry 7 to 9 additional troops.

Enzo Ferrari's son Dino was working on an affordable, less powerful Ferrari model when he passed away at age 24 from muscular dystrophy. His father named the entry-point 1968 Ferrari the Dino in honor of his son.

A French fighter that never saw combat, the Arsenal VG-33 was in production at the start of World War II, but France fell to the Germans before it reached the front line.

A battle tank in use by the South Korean military, the K2 Black Panther is one of the most modern tanks in service today. It features a 120mm smoothbore gun which fires 15 rounds a minute or one every four seconds. Rumors suggest that these rounds are able to penetrate a range of tank armor, including that used by the M1A2 Abrams. The K2 can climb slopes of up to 60 degrees while it has a snorkel system that allows it to cross water around 13ft deep. It is also capable of clearing obstacles that are 1.3m in height, all of which ensure that it is a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

The 11-year production run of this car no doubt led to record revenues for speed patrol officers everywhere. It used the familiar wedge shape, with a V-12 engine that was ridiculously powerful.

The 1961 Chrysler 300G was part of the luxury line's "letter" series. It had an oversized body with an inverted grille and prominent fins. By the next year, the 1962 model lost its fins and was slightly toned down in terms of trim.

Developed by Oshkosh, the M-ATV is an extremely mobile tactical vehicle that can transport 5 crew while providing excellent protection. It is also considered to be Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), capable of withstanding road side improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The M-ATV is available in various configurations depending on the task at hand.

Small and agile, Fast Attack Craft have a range of weapons and operate close to land. They perform lightning-fast attack and defensive missions. Due to their speed and agility, they can be a real problem for larger ships, especially if they are armed with similar weapons systems. Of course, this speed comes at a cost. These ships are lightly armored and crews live and work in very cramped conditions.

The Mercury Cougar was the rare car to be brought back after a long hiatus. It was sold from 1967 to 1997, then again from 1999 to 2002. In 1971, Mercury brought out a second generation model which weighed less than the original and had a bigger, more stylish grille.

This eight-wheeled vehicle offers a versatile fighting platform that gives mobility on the battlefield while still offering excellent protection for its occupants. It comes in two versions - the Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) and the Mobile Gun System (MGS). Each has variable combinations, depending on the exact set of circumstances in which they need to operate. The vehicle is named after two U.S. servicemen who received the Medal of Honor - Pfc. Stuart S. Stryker (WW2) and Spc. Robert F. Stryker (Vietnam).

The E -Type began production in 1961 with an atypically small 3.8 liter engine. The Series 1 showed the overlong hood that became a hallmark of Jaguar body style for three decades.

Battle Cruisers were used in a variety of roles by the United States Navy during World War II. They were built primarily to combat the German "pocket battleships" and Japanese battlecruisers rumored to be under construction. Only two of the Alaska Class were ever built, serving for three years between 1944 and 1947. A third ship was never completed. They were capable of traveling 12,000 nautical miles and had a top speed of 33 knots.

In service in the United States Army, the M9 Armored Combat Earthmover, or ACE, is a bulldozer, primarily used to dig trenches. These trenches are then filled with various artillery units, adding to their stability while in action. It can also be used to clear minefields and obstructions, filling trenches and trench crossing amongst other duties. It first entered service in 1986 and saw action during the first Persian Gulf War in 1991, playing a vital role in removing vehicle blockades.

The Porsche 550, also known as the Spyder, was produced in the mid-'50s. In 2012, one in mint condition sold for nearly $4 million at auction!

The Norinco Main Battle Tank (MBT) - 3000 is in service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army, although it is also intended for export markets. Its armament consists of a 125mm main gun with 38 rounds. It is loosely based on the Russian T-72 tank with significant upgrades. The MBT can travel at up to 67 km/h on road surfaces and has a range of 500 km.

Missile boats are no longer in service with the U.S. Navy. The last boats designated as missile boats were the Pegasus Class Hydrofoils that served from 1977 to 1993. They were built specifically to counter Soviet threats at the time, in the form of the Komar and Osa class missile boats. Each boat was armed with eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles, capable of destroying a target over 110km away.

An armored 8x8 reconnaissance vehicle produced in Canada, the LAV-25 Light Armored Vehicle was introduced in 1983. It has seen action in many war zones including the First Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. it is an all-terrain vehicle, capable of traveling over extremely rocky areas as well as through rivers. It serves with the United States Army and Marine Corps and is available in a host of configurations, depending on the task it must fulfill.

THIS is the Aston Martin that made Bond cool. First appearing in "Goldfinger," a restored DB5 was sadly destroyed in "Skyfall," but Bond took his vengeance on the destroyers.

The Virginia Class attack submarine is a nuclear-powered ship with the primary role of destroying enemy shipping and submarines. It can be used to gather intelligence and play a role in reconnaissance and support. It is armed with torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles. This submarine is capable of 25 knots and is manned by 15 officers and 117 crew.

Minelayers played an active role in the U.S. Navy during World War II in particular. The purpose of the craft was to lay sea-going mines that would hopefully sink enemy ships. Today, although some countries still make use of these vessels, the U.S. Navy have no active minelayers and instead use aircraft to do the job instead.

The Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier is the largest ship in the United States Navy, with a displacement of 102,000 tons and a flight deck 332.9 meters in length. Even with its massive size, the Nimitz Class can reach speeds of over 30 knots. There are over 3,000 personnel on board these ships, as well as more than 2,800 aircrew. Up to 82 aircraft can be on board at any time.

More commonly known as the Humvee this tactical vehicle is used by over 50 countries. It can carry multiple configurations of weapons, including machine guns as well as anti-tank missiles, while it can also carry 2 or 4 crew depending on the configuration chosen. The Humvee is a true off-roader with the ability to handle 60-degree slopes as well as water as deep as 60 inches.

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