Can You Match These Famous TV Commercials With Their Brands?

By: Khadija Leon
Image: from Mexico/Old Spice

About This Quiz

Commercials are a type of advertising which companies and businesses use to market their products and services. These ads often times more than not increase both the sales and consumption of the company's products and also increase branding opportunities. Many of our favorite ads cost anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to millions if aired during the Super Bowl. 

Commercials come in many different genres including romance, action and comedy, and some companies even feature some of the most popular celebrities and fictional characters in the world . With thousands of commercials being created every year, companies must now find ways to stand out and make their commercials memorable. Some of them succeed for both good and bad reasons and some have even been pulled off air because of how controversial they are. 

How well do you pay attention to the commercials which appear on your television? Do you have any favorites and will you be able to identify them if you were given a screenshot of the commercial? The only way to test this knowledge is to take this quiz! When you are done, you can make it a competition and get your friends and family members to take it!

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